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[AddOn] Vista Drive Icon!

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I installed the uninstallable version - cannot uninstall it says - vdrive.inf missing- whats going on??


It didn't copy the vdrive.inf file into my windows/inf directory. After doing that manually -it works


By the way: Regrun Platinum Suite (http://www.greatis.com/security/) shows vistadrive.exe as trojan/backdoor

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The only way the inf was missing was if you installed it manually. (Thats why there is the silent installer)





VDrive.cab = 1,,,,,,_x,,3,3

VDrive.inf = 1,,,,,,,20,0,0 <--- Right here tells WIndows where to place the inf during setup!


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Hi Kels,

This is great, I love this utility.

I found a problem however. When the switchless installer is run from WPIW 6.3 during runonceex, the install hangs and WPIW won't progress to the next installer. The only way for WPIW to progress is to force-quit the vista-drive installer process from the task manager.

Any ideas?

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OK open it with winrar and remove this line from the comments:

;The comment below contains SFX script commands

Setup=rundll32.exe advpack.dll,LaunchINFSection vdrive.inf, DefaultInstall,3




Setup=%systemroot%\vistadrive\vistadrive.exe <--- THIS LINE

Title=By Kelsenellenelvian EverDawn

That line causes a loop when you use it with wpi.

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