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Integrate failed


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I get integrate failed when running AIO (WTK against a Win7SP1x64 ISO.  See attached file, which has the messages generated as well as a cut of the INI file showing the entries causing the problem.  The entries are patches for .NET 3.52 addon.  Could this be a timing problem between addon's and RunOnce?

Also note that the INI entries contain strange extended (debug?) lines.  For what are they used?  I see "always installed" also has a typo on the INI lines; I had manually changed the lines from prompted to always installed.

WTK integrate error - Ultimate.txt

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Latest version of WinToolkit is And then i think you should take latest version of .NET 4.5.2 Addon. Then there is no need to integrate updates for it.


Renaming the patches could help.


AMD64_X86-all-ndp45-kb2972107-x64_338bd55ed27b6897c6bcaa2a6ef9c57e77b95910.exe   to   NDP45-kb2972107-x64.exe

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