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(WinToolkit) Question About Installing Hotfix Updates In GDR vs LDR/QFE Mode


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I have a Windows 8.1 Update 3 MSDN ISO, for which I have downloaded 60 updates with WHDownloader. 8 of those updates are hotfixes. I am integrating all the updates and then testing the newly modified resulting ISO in a virtual machine to be sure it works, before installing it on my system.


But I see an option in WTK about installing updates in GDR vs LDR/QFE mode, which has a checkbox beside it (unchecked by default). I have a very basic understanding of what these terms mean. I'm sure the other 52 updates should be installed in normal GDR mode, with the box left unchecked. But since hotfixes arent meant for general usage by all, hence the terms LDR and QFE, should I check this box and install the hotfixes in LDR/QFE mode? Or does it not make a difference, if WTK can integrate them successfully without checking the box? Will which mode I choose have any (potential) negative effects/issues on the OS post-installation? Not sure if it really makes a difference, just need a little clarification here.


Thanks in advance!

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LDR branch is practically deactivate/dead in Windows 8.1, almost all updates have only the normal GDR branch

yes this includes hotfixes


only some .NET (3.5 and 4.5) updates and hotfixes are having LDR, which is understandable because those frameworks are shared with other windows systems (7, 8)


problems or issues happens in any updates (most botched updates are GDR)


so, installing those .NET updates in LDR mode would be recommended

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Well.....thanks for letting me know. I decided not to integrate the hotfixes yet. But I did integrate some .NET updates in GDR mode, which is the default in WTK. It worked fine in a VM, Windows Update showed only one update for .NET 3.x and 4.x Should I reintegrate them in LDR/QFE mode then use the resulting ISO to reinstall Windows on my machine (not a VM)? Or is it nothing to worry about? Just want to be sure that integrating them in GDR mode wont adversely affect my system.

And just to be clear, I *DO* need to use LDR mode for the hotfixes, correct?


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4.x updates can be satisfied with LDR

however, some 3.x updates require GDR to satisfy WU (KB2894852, KB2972213, KB2973114, KB2979573)


like i said, both branches are OK


regular hotfixes are already GDR only

.NET hotfixes are already LDR only

so, normal integration mode is the only available

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