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WinToolKit Not Working: Takes FOREVER 2hrs+


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I cant upload shots; filesize 150K


Give email address or something to attach files?


I always use one of the many free hosting sites specifically for images such as imgur.com, Postimage.org or Tinypic.com for any images I want to post on any of the forums I participate in, and would suggest you try that. When you click the "Image" button in the Edit Box toolbar, you simply put in the link to your image and the image should appear integrated in the post the way you want it. Some of the many advantages to this approach are that it usually always works in all the forums that I'm aware of, it makes it easier for you to then use that same image in other places if you need to, and it doesn't take up any of the board storage space and takes up less of its bandwidth. And it's easy. :)


You can do something similar with other types of files using MediaFire, DropBox, or your preferred file host, and use the "link" button instead of the "image" button.

Cheers and Regards

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See Pics. This takes a LONG Time. Over 3 Hours.


It shows loading Registry then it processes too long.


Help. I don't want to ditch this program as it has HUGE promiss.


I am trying to do a Repair Install. My Win7 Pro x64 DVD shows the version of Windows is newer than the one i wish to install.


 Thanks, db_cert

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