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ISO Maker Rebuild Image Default


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I was hoping that was the answer  :) but it doesn't really apply. When I go straight to the ISO Maker it just seems to always default to Rebuild and if I am hasty and forget to uncheck it just adds so much time in my testing... especially when I am testing maybe 20 builds or so. Thanks Anyway


Uncheck Rebuild Image in AIO Options tab.

Sorry, if not that you want. I missread the original post.

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I guess another option would be if a pop up could occur when you press the Create ISO button that would say something like:


"The ISO will be Created and the Image will be Rebuilt starting in 3 seconds, or press here to abort..."


But others think countdowns are scary, so that might not work either. :)


It doesn't seem too big a request to allow the default behavior to be modified in the settings, or even in an INI file, but I could be wrong. :)


Cheers and Regards

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