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Can I share an addon made from someone else's switchless installer....


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I have a question about making a addon from a switchless installer that I got from someone else's site. I found a couple of switchless installers elsewhere and used them to make my first nLite/svcpack style addons.

My addons work great and I would like to know if it would be inappropriate to share them.

Also, if it is alright to share them, what would be most appropriate way to give credit to the person whom I got the switchless installer from?

If it is not ok I understand, as I would never want to be accused of stealing someone else's work.

I just need someone to school me on the proper way to go about sharing things I found elsewhere.

My only motivation is to contribute to the community. :)

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Well, if in doubt, I would first ask the creator about permission - not the site where you want to post them ;)

If they agree, or already did so by having a note on their page/app saying they even want this spread, then I think you are more than ok to go.

As for credits, use the name that was given by the creator, do not rip any readmes or other notes from them and mention the creator in the post about it.

I can't speak about specific rules applying to this forum, but that above is more or less the general consensus regarding posting/spreading anything on the net :)


Also, never disregard the useful stickies ;)

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Thanks Mates, Your replies are of great help to me. Much appreciated. :welcome:

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