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Blank screen after installation

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I used a windows 7 sp1 image and integrated all missing updates, IE11, NetFramework4.5.2 AddOn, various drivers, MaliciousSoftwareRemovalTool as silent install, several Programs as silent Install: firefox, office, skype...


Installing from a USB stick.


When the installation is done and the last silent install finishes, i am left with a blanc screen.



I can use ctrl, alt, del to open up task manager, then log off and immediatly log on again and then i get everything there should be.



Is this a known issue? is there a work around?


Kind regards, and thanks for this great tool.

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Might be a driver issue, boot into save-mode with network, see if it loads properly, if it does install the correct video drivers,


Had this issue on a windows 8.1 system even though it was from a original non upgraded cd.


If thats not the case, then you might have integrated a update that messes it all up.

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So far I have these observations:


if I integrate no silent installs it works properly.

if I do not integrate the netframe4.5.2 addon it works fine even with silent installs

if I integrate netframe addon and silent installs i get a blanc screen at the end (to clarify: i get fullscreen blue windows background and i can see the mouse pointer)


the installation itself does not seem to be messed up. everything is working after i open the task manager, log off and then log on again.

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Hm, I will test if i get the same problem if I leave out the updates and only add netframework and then silent installs. I guess this will help to narrow down the problem some more. If it is indeed the updates that cause the problem I will try simplix pack. Thanks for pointing it out.

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