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I want to create bootable ISO window 7 on UEFI + GPT I installed it on freezes at 4 flag

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Bro help me ! 
I cant install windows7 in my computer. 
I use X17-59465(Windows 7 Ultimate x64).ISO 

I copied the installer by Rufus
On GPT partition selection UEFI
then i set bios secure boot : disable 
then i press F12 boot by USB 
but Window freezes at 4 flag
Bro help me !! plss
I dont want change setting | UEFI => CSM(lagecy boot) + GPT =>MBR 
Bro help me ! 


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Do you have used the latest version Rufus ?

Also, you should have an option in the BIOS to set the boot on the USB drive in EFI mode, maybe it is not showed in the quick boot option (F12).

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I try unzip windows 8.1.iso in folder Windows 7
then replace file install.wim (windows 7.iso) into Windows 7/sources
I copied it into USB
boot it boot success same window 8.1 
Flag blue + circle
i format HDD to install but i restart first 
but Window freezes at 4 flag
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SecureBoot and all the CSM functionality doesn't have any effect on Win 7.

Also UEFI-Boot doesn't work on any other than FAT32.

UEFI doesn't do anything to your Boot-functionality

(other than forcing it into FAT32) and it does not

magically turn your USB into a magic carpet.


Therefore - rethink your approach and opt for compatibility

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