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[AddOn] RegTweakage.NET v0.2 Beta


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RegTweakage.NET v0.2 Beta

RegTweakage.NET is a GUI registry tweaker for Windows XP Home and Professional Edition (x86 only). RegTweakage.NET will be your portal to the most popular registry tweaks on the web. It will connect to our remote Database to retreive the latest tweaks. This Database will be updated by tweak enteusiasts from the MSFN boards.

If you find any bugs, corrupt tweaks or if you want an account to add your own tweaks to RegTweakage.NET please visit the RegTweakage.NET website.

Happy tweakin',



Download: Gorki_AddOn_RegTweakage.NET_0.2b_0.1.cab

MD5: B36DA5F0EB9DF3DBD2E3CEC2A4933748

Install directory: Start/Utilities

Note: Requires .NET application and internet connection




- initial release (with add/remove entries)

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WOW Gorki you are learning

Yep I had a good teacher to learn from a068.gif

Aha, this was a little cool proggry. Thanks for building it as an addon.
NP... I was just warming up.. L0L ^_^
Gorki is on killin' spree :thumb_yello:



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