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Thanks so much! I'm a regular user of this excellent tool. It works wonders on my captured installations & in creating time-saving installations outta fresh ISOs. It's great to see development continuing! 

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I received an email with an important issue so test build v1.5.4.5 has been uploaded.

*^Added upgrade options for Windows 10
*^Added upgrade options for Windows 8 CoreConnected
*^Update rollups integrated after IE
*^FIX: Removed *.db, *.chk, and *.log files from Cleanup Manager as they can corrupt sfc.exe
*^FIX: Extended Windows 10 support

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Hi Liam,

WTK works fine but (see pictures):


1) Must go under "Prerequisite".



2) Must go under "Silent Installers + SFX".

3) It's sure it will be integrated/installed after IE11+cumulative update?

4) Must go to "Prerequisite" (because of Convenience Rollup Pack KB3125574).

BTW, updating cache generates an error (uploaded)

TNX for that, Thiersee


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I'm terribly sorry for lowering the general happines/enthusiasm, me included!, but there is an strong issue, if you need the function :(:

absolutely no issues in the normal integration process, but if I want to upgrade a wim-file, for example from HP to Professional, the program gives an error and hangs!

With build all is OK, I tried it two times today.

If I integrate with build and upgrade the wim-file with build absolutely no errors!

Here the pictures with the error (no chance to save the error as text-file, the program hängs):

Liam, is it OK if here stays "Know Issues" and not "RunOnce"?








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10 minutes ago, Legolash2o said:

So you want KB3177467 to be at RunOnce? A box should have appeared asking you if you wanted it to be a silent installer. You have to tick the box and click continue if so.

Of course I did it and the KB has been moved to "Silent Installers + SFX!", but during the integration I saw "Known Issues" in the status-line.

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Hello, I tried the v1.5.4.6 and have similar problems after some "Known Issues". Screeencap from Virtualbox below.


Click OK and it only loops.


Will try the new soon.


Sorry - same error as below




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Hi Legolas2o,

Wintoolkit not have this problem.

There is a problem in all versions of the following after the version, latest test version too.

OS : Win7 x64 - Working image x86 pro sp1


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There are too many issues in one thread to make sense of it all.


xForce: on the 16th October post it seems like you was trying to integrate 32bit updates into an x64 OS.

Thiersee: When you upgraded the image, did you save and unmount first or did you keep it mounted and then upgraded? 'Known Issues' updates usually prevent all other updates after it from being integrated properly. Seems to be common with stack updates. I think from memory you should integrate those first > save & unmount > all other updates, tweaks, etc..

Sweden: I got an email that KB3197868 and other rollups did not get integrated after IE. All update rollups should now go into the 2nd phase (After IE). I'm required to check my emails ALL the time so that's how I found out about that issue.

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