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Help with "windows could not configure one or more system components" error, logs attached


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Hi All,


I've been playing around with Win Toolkit for the last few days and keep hitting the same brick wall - I keep getting the error "windows could not configure one or more system components" after install.


I am using a windows 7 SP1 All Versions (including both x86 and x64 architectures all-in-one) as the source (which has been working fine to install all versions of Windows 7 over the last few years and has been very convenient to have all versions on one usb, just inconvenient to have hundreds of updates after a clean install!). I used the inbuilt updater to download and integrate all updates (select source, select all x86, integrate all updates, add dotnet4.5 addon, integrate some silent installs, repeat process for x64, rebuild iso and use usbprep to install on usb). I have so far made 7 different images excluding certain updates along the way, each taking about 4 hours to complete.


Strange thing is that if I try to install in a VM, I get through to choosing a username and the other setup options then it appears to 'hang' at the Win Toolkit additional programs installer which I'm not too worried about, I can remove the integrated apps that install at this stage and try again. Whenever I use the same source to install on a laptop though, it appears to be installing ok, reboots, comes back to the last stage of the install screen and gives me the "windows could not configure one or more system components" error. This problem happens with each Win Toolkit source I try . Going back to my original Win 7 SP1 All Versions USB installs ok though.


I then thought perhaps there was a problem with the All Versions install and tried to download an image from the links in Win Toolkit but get an error that the product key is not valid using the one supplied and if I try to use the product key from my laptop I get the error that Windows was preinstalled and can't be downloaded.


So, here are my questions:


1) IS it possible to create an "all-in-one" Windows 7 SP1 x86 & x64 USB using Win Toolkit?

2) Looking at the attached error logs from the laptop, is anyone able to point me in the right direction to fix my issue?




Thanks in advance!

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Thanks for the replies.


It appears to me the problem is with your .Net 4 install. (ngen service can not start).


I would try creating your image without .Net 4 included.  If that installs ok you know that is your problem.


Hope this helps in some way.




I used the .net 4.5 addon so I will try to recreate the installer without it. If I download all updates with the included update downloader, will dot net be included in the updates? Should I look up the KB's related to dot net and exclude them perhaps?


Did you create the a-i-o image yourself?


Can you guarantee the validity of your source?


I have been using the a-i-o for a few years now and quite honestly can't remember if I created it myself or was given an image from another technician, but it has worked flawlessly to install many machines over the years without issue.

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OK, so after a lengthy process of elimination, I seem to have gotten past the error during installation (I only integrated the updates in 'General', 'Hotfix' and 'Security', no additional optional updates and also removed dot net as an addon and am attempting to add it as a silent installer).


I have another question now though.... Is it possible to 'edit' or 'remove' Silent Installers after they have been integrated? After getting the updates integrated I added about 6 'Silent Installs' to my image. It appears that a switch on the 3rd or 4th installer may be incorrect and causes an error with this install, followed by a reboot and continuation to desktop skipping the remaining installers. I was hoping to 'edit' my silent installers to avoid having to rebuild my entire x86 and x64 images again (takes approx 4 hours for each!). If not, is there a .ini file or similar in the install directory where I can edit the switches?


Thanks in advance again!!

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