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Heya y'all,

I signed up last night but didn't say much :P ...anyway, I like this site -- looks like a nice professional PC forum which is something new.

Anyway, a little about me:

  • I'm a webmaster, have been for about three quarters of a year;
  • I love being a webmaster;
  • I've been using forums since I were thirteen (I'm now 17);
  • I know allot about IPB and IF especially;
  • I know HTML and CSS;
  • I have a high level of understanding about PCs;
  • I'm currently studying general I.C.T at College, which covers all aspects of the PC (next year it'll be more specific);
  • I'm a geek to be honest :P;
  • I'm from the U.K;

...I think that's enough to start with :) I may see you around.

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