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WTKv2. This test version has expired.


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I used v1.5 in the past to make customized Win7 installers. The ability to add updates was very useful.


Now I've moved on to Win10 and WTK2. I have v2.0.5651.42757 running on Win7, 64-bit, Enterprise. I don't see a more current version that this available from the downloads page. However, when I run the executable, I get the error message: "Notice This test version has expired."


Is there a more current version available that avoids this error message? Or is there some date/timestamp setting that needs adjusting?



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Version 2 is still a "Work in progres" and not yet ready!

Then why is it listed on the download page here: http://www.wintoolkit.co.uk/Home/TestBuilds/

It's hard for us to test it if it says it's expired.

Look at the address. It literally has test builds in it....

We know how you feel but nothing can be done until lego pops his head up.

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