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WT freeze, not responding app


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( (and prev versions)

Mountins OS\ADD drivers-->driver counter freeze but later it responds with list of skipped drivers\After clicking OK ----> WT not responding, no any button in intertface can be pressed. it really hang up eating 2mb or ram. I recorded a video first 20 seconds and later watch since 3min 20 sec.

video: http://www.mediafire.com/watch/b4eq5yd48mek7vd/WinToolkit_frozen.mp4

Log ID: 1xA7AE00F678C6315E9D86F853C4D1C388_Ex0600022E_frmAllInOne_ru-RU_968298


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1 hour ago, ianymaty said:

8000+ drivers are huge amount the program needs to scan... and probably can't handle them all at once and crash somewhere.

Did you tried add them in smaller packs not all at once?


yes. small amount is ok. but i used to integrate 12 000 drivers few years ago without problems. also want to add that WT was capable to add all these 9000 drivers 2 days ago, but after "successfull" integration OS folder was same size and in WT report list of integrated items was empty.

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