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Wintoolkit Problem


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Lately i`m having a problem with wintoolkit that i did not had before i`m making my windows 7 32bit image with it and i  put some updates in the Updates and Language section

after i press to start the process and it start to integrate updates it stuck in integrating update 1 out of 4 the time counts normal but it never finish its just stuck in first update

i`ve added this four updates before without any problem and the windows  7 image i`m working it worked before without problem also..

i`m running widows xp sp3 i never had this problem before.

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Hi symbios24,

I used to run WinToolkit under XP. If you integrate KB2966583, all subsequent update integrations will fail. I had to put it in the Silent Installers section. In your case, the update integration is hanging, not failing so this is probably not the issue. I'm just tossing this out there.


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