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How to make WinToolkit integrate really all updates?


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I just tried to generate an up-to-date ISO of a W7 Pro x64 MVL DVD. I downloaded all W7x64 updates with the integrated downloader and added them in WinToolkit. I made some unatt. settings and tweaks and added some silent installers (Firefox, ...). I believed that the error messages were for some of the updates being outdated or so. But it did not generate me an up-to-date installation media. I installed it in a VM and was disappointed to see "7 critical and 9 optional updates" to be installed when I opened Windows Update. Not even SP1 was integrated!

What went wrong with WinToolkit here? I think that downloading all updates and adding them in WinToolkit should be the right thing to do.

In the end, I want to have a real AIO installation media: Win 7 (Starter, Home, Pro, Ent, Ult), 8.1 (Core, Pro, Ent) and 10 (Home, Pro, Ent, Edu, LTSB), x86 and x64 as available, retail and MVL as available, fully including all the updates available for each version. WindowsUpdate should not show even one update to install. I bet that I am not the only one who wants to have such, so where can I find a recent guide for creating it?

Sorry for my bad English, I really am out of practice speaking/writing, I mostly read.

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Uh, yeah, as if I didn't have seen that section. If you had looked though it before posting its link instead of something helpful, you would have noticed that there is the "AIO Integrator Guide", which only tells how to add updates in WinToolkit (which is what I did, but obviously didn't work as expected). Another post named "Update Integration to Win 7 x64" shows that I am not the only one with that problem, but offers no solution. And there is a "complete" guide which is addressing stuff that I want to do later (integrating W7 and W8.1), but not what I want to do now (just integrate *all* available updates in a single Windows Version).

I am using just a Win 7 Pro x64 MVL .iso, and so it should be sufficient to download all the updates via the integrated downloader and add all of them in the "Updates" section. But obviously something goes wrong, but I don't see any hint where.

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I don't use the integrated downloader anymore so I don't know how many updates are downloaded. I used to have problems matching the number of updates downloaded with the integrated vs. the WHDownloader so I stick to the last.

Anyway, you will have some updates missing in WU becouse that's the way it works WU. It's database is not strictly corelated with superseded updates so it shows some that aren't neded anymore becouse there are new updates superseding the files in diferent updates.

abbodi1406 is doing a nice job of filtering out just the updates that are currently needed and leave out the superseded.

If you are looking closely to the size of the few offered updates you'll see that the sizes are variable and smaller than the real size of the update itself. Even the SP1 is a few MB vs 900+ the size of the SP1 pack.

You can safely hide them or let WU install them, it's your choice.

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