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Error when integrate updates


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I have a disk with all versions of Windows 7, both 32-bit and 64-bit. When I make the integration of updates into one of them (eg Windows 7 Professional 32-bit) and create the ISO, the resulting disk is installed without any problems. But when I make integration of all 32-bit versions, the resulting disc always gives an error in the last phase of the installation. Why when I integrate one of them works but integrating in all fails?.


Thank you.

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No I don't mix, the original disc have all windows 7 versions, but when I integrate the updates only select x86 versions. I'm selecting only 32 bits updates but when I integrate in all 32 bits versions the ISO install fails. If I integrate the same updates into one version the ISO install success.

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Some news, I integrated one update in one version (windows 7 Starter 32 bits), rebuilded and recreated ISO. If I install this version the installation success but, if I try to install windows 7 Professional 32 bits the installation fails in the same point. Anyone knows what can be the problem, because I'm dont know anything!

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On 3/4/2016 at 4:05 PM, Thiersee said:

Hi Kel,

It's not my intention to argue with your decision, but he could have put all the single ISOs together with WinToolkit...


Where did you get the disc with all the versions?


The reason I am so sure he is using a warez release is that nowhere does he ever mention "I tried the original x86 or x64 iso" I see lots of "I did just this version from the iso" or "I tried only these versions"


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