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You may have noticed that I have been a lot less active lately. Well about 2 months ago I came up with Acute Bronchitis. As if that wasn't bad enough it was right after I began to quite smoking so my lungs had been weakened from that. A month ago I took a turn to the worse and the doctors told me that the Bronchitis had turned into a massive infection in the right side of my lungs and pustules had begun to develop. Well it is still going on and the have had me on 2 runs of steroids to strengthen my lungs and I am now on my 4th run of antibiotics. I went to the doctor today and he gave me a nebulizer (For home breathing treatments) told me I need to see a pulminoligist and has begun to speak of hospitalization if I don't start showing improvement. If I am hospitalized I have made arrangements to borrow a lappy and plan on jacking into the hospitals wireless network. I refuse to leave you guys completely. I will keep you guys up to date as I continue to see the doctors.

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