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[Slim] + [Full] Advanced Installer 12.8


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[Slim] + [Full] Advanced Installer 12.8 - RePack by niT€_RiDeR_Pr0


Advanced Installer is a professional software application designed specifically for building Windows Installer packages. This tool comes packed with many useful features and a modern interface for helping you create installation packages.

About Full RePack: Nothing is removed/added/modded. Only optimized the compression. Decreased file from 84.8 MB to 59.6 MB (decreased 25.2 MB).

About Slim RePack: Removed Hyper-V & VMWare files (HyperV & VMWare-related features may not work anymore) & optimized the compression. Decreased file size from 84.8 MB to 37.5 MB (decreased 47.3 MB).


Optional Command-Line Switches:


/exenoui /qn: Completely silent installation, no windows are shown, no user input required.

/exebasicui /qb: Silent installation, only progress window is shown, no user input required.


DOWNLOAD: Full | Slim  [Mega.NZ]  |  File Sizes: Slim - 37.5 MB; Full - 59.6 MB  |  File Hashes/Checksums: http://pastebin.com/q28hubJm


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