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[Dual x86+x64 RePack] ACDSee v19.2.0.486


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ACDSee v19.2.0.486 - Dual x86+x64 2-in-1 Compressed RePack [Seperate x64 & x86 also available]
- made by niT€_RiDeR_Pr0


ACDSee, the most powerful photo manager & editor around is now even faster. Way faster. No other photo software saves you so much time. ACDSee 19 is packed with tools to help you organize your photos, perfect your best, and inspire your friends and family. Enjoy the freedom to find, organize and edit your photos faster, easier and with better results than ever before. Instantly share your pictures online or on your cell phone. Create quality prints or Flash and PDF slideshows.
It's hard to believe that managing digital images can be so quick and easy, but with ACDSee, it is. As a media browser for your Windows' folder system, ACDSee's superfast navigation pane lets you browse and view your picture collections right away. Compare multiple images side-by-side. Save time and select photo files by criteria. Or see all your images at once. ACDSee digital photo software supports over 50 popular photo and multimedia formats. ACDSee 19 allows users to execute the fundamental elements of their photography workflow with ease and speed. With more tools than ever to help you organize your photos, view them in a chronological context, high DPI support, and all the sharing resources you need, ACDSee 19 is perfect for the practical amateur. ACDSee 19 is the efficiency-driven solution for your growing photo collection.

Features of ACDSee 19:

  • Collections feature allow to group your photos in one location
  • Photo Mode allows you to scan photo library by date
  • Lightroom Migration allows you to import your Lightroom database with just a few clicks
  • Painless Color Matching
  • Eyedropper tool to fill your drawn shapes with any color
  • DPI support to view your photos with the highest quality on 4K monitors
  • Microsoft OneDrive integration
  • 33 new cameral models added to it’s already extensive list of supported RAW file formats
  • Installation is easy and can be done with a few clicks

About RePack: 30-day trial version. Removed useless plugins like Facebook, Flickr, Smugmug & Zenfolio plugin, disabled random website launch after installation/uninstallation, improved/enhanced the compression (LZMA2) & decreased the file size a lot. [Total size of x86 & x64 official installers combined would be 196 MB, but it has been reduced to a mere 126 MB, thereby reducing file size by 70 MB].

Optional Command Line Switches:


Dual 2-in-1 installer (SFX):
-ai : Silent/automated installation, only progress windows is shown. NO user input is required.
-ai2 : Fully silent/automated background installation, no windows are shown. NO user input is required.
-gm2: Hide the 'preparing' progress window of the SFX.
-? : Show the help window of the SFX

x86-only & x64-only (separate) installers: 
/exenoui /qn /norestart : Completely silent installation, no windows are shown, no user input required, prevents restarting after completion of setup.
/exebasicui /qb /norestart : Silent installation, only progress window is shown, no user input required, prevents restarting after completion of setup.


Dual x86+x64 2-in-1 Installer:
File Name: ACDSee_19.2.0.486.Dual_RePack.exe
File Size: 126.0 MB
File Hasheshttp://pastebin.com/qZnZ2bj7

x86-only Installer: 
Download: https://mega.nz/#!UoIjVKqI!1kxw_ciDCXGvYVJbgxwSplt8YQxDGdSkpmDjd3cpzPU
File Name: ACDSee_19.2.0.486.x86_RePack.exe
File Size: 59.1 MB
File Hasheshttp://pastebin.com/KjaUh950

x64-only Installer: 
Download: https://mega.nz/#!AlQynbLI!JjWkf4AtL-8UrJJbY8K8G_6lmipQdbLF3yNgm6sN1Xw
File Name: ACDSee_19.2.0.486.x64_RePack.exe
File Size: 67.6 MB
File Hashes: http://pastebin.com/jQ6GLwHa

Cheers & Regards... ;)

Edited by niT€_RiDeR_Pr0
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