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Hostwinds 70% off for Black Friday/Cyber Monday

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I've just received an email from Hostwinds which I believe is worth sharing.

I migrated HeiDoc.net to Hostwinds a few months ago, and basically almost all the server outages stopped immediately. WinCert will be migrated to Hostwinds next week. It's a very reliable and consumer-oriented hosting business.

Until Tuesday next week, they offer 70% discount on all managed hosting packages. Shared hosting starts from $54 annually including 1 domain (regular price, so that makes it about $16.20 after applying the discount!)


(Disclaimer: This is an affiliate link. But it's still an awsome deal!)

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Is this still a valid offer? (Not that I could tell) If not, why was this post triggered as new content?

Are you still using Hostwinds to host both HeiDoc.net and Wincert.net? If not, why not, and if so, any comments about your experience with them you are willing to share?

Cheers and Regards

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Someone added a spam comment, so this thread was resurrected, and for whatever reason remained on top, even after I deleted the spam.

I'm still with Hostwinds with all my domains, and intend to remain. There hasn't been a single outage in more than five years now. (At least none caused by hosting. I think I did cause some minor outages by playing with the configuration if I remember right...)

Customer support is fast, efficient and knowlegable, and prices are competitive. They're not super cheap though, but from my experience, super cheap providers tend to mess things up regularly.

Last Friday, the server was migrated to CloudLinux and SSD drive. Down time was only one hour. And the server is super fast now.


I don't like to keep my domain names with a web host though. That keeps things more flexible. I used to host my domains with NameBargain.com, but since they've been bought by Register.com, prices have exploded. So I transferred all domains to dynadot. Also great prices and great service. They have a refer-a-friend program through which new customers receive $5 initial credit for domain registrations. http://www.dynadot.com/?s8n8T6C7j8S8R6K8l (disclaimer: I'll receive the same credit.)

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