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PotPlayer 200908 (1.7.21295) Dual x86x64 [Multilingual][Desatendido]

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Changes in 200317 (1.7.21146):

  • Added the ability to copy the path of the selected items to the playlist
  • Added the ability to move items to playlist
  • Added the ability to open the preferred language only in subtitle download
  • Fixed a problem where installation started slowly or freezed on certain PCs
  • Fixed an issue that certain WEBDAV servers cannot be connected
  • Fixed an issue that cannot list files on certain FTP servers
  • Fixed an issue that caused errors when opening certain PNG files
  • Fixed a problem where navigation bar thumbnails were incorrect in certain MKVs
  • Fixed a problem that certain Blu-ray subtitles did not come out
  • Improved lyrics comprehension built into MP3
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  • Changes in 200512 (1.7.21212):
  • Added Vulkan capture into game capture
  • Added the ability to switch the playback time <-> remaining time
  • Added an option to open subtitles into command line function
  • Added the ability to set the number of repetitions of section repeat
  • Fixed a problem that UWP window was not captured when capturing the window selection (Requires Windows 10 1803 or newer)
  • Fixed an issue that DirectDraw and Direct3D8 did not work in game capture
  • Improved performance of Screen Capture
  • Improved accessibility compatibility
  • Improved FTP server connection with special characters
  • Fixed an issue that remembered full screen capture when capturing screen
  • Fixed an issue that searched for spaces and conditions when searching in Playlist/File Navigator



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Version History of the PotPlayer ---------------------------------------------------------- [200616] ----------------------------------------------------------

+ Added the ability to open a bookmark list and previous playlist in an album

+ Added the ability to remember the "Frame Size of Main Menu" values

+ Added the ability to delay when repeating in section repeat

- Fixed an issue that cannot play certain files using SuperEQ

- Fixed an issue where viewer information could not be updated when broadcasting -

Fixed an issue where MP4 files were played as damaged files in certain situations

- Improved accessibility compatibility

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  • geodasoft changed the title to PotPlayer 200908 (1.7.21295) Dual x86x64 [Multilingual][Desatendido]

---------------------------------------------------------- [200908] ---------------------------------------------------------- - Fixed a problem that shortcut keys did not work in certain situations when opening a file - Fixed a problem that was a little slow to create a thumbnail - Enhanced 3D/360 format compatibility in mp4 files - Fixed an issue where Blu-ray folder playback did not start immediately - Fixed an error when playing certain files - Edited to support /seek, /sub commands for video shortcuts - Fixed a flickering problem in certain subtitles - Fixed a problem where deletion was strange in bookmark editing

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