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Reupload: Microsoft HyperBowl Plus Edition! (Dual) for Windows 7


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    • By dougiefresh2
      This is a reupload of the Microsoft The Labyrinth Plus! Edition (Dual) addon by MAXtoriX.

      File Link: Microsoft_The_Labyrinth_Plus!_Edition_(Dual).WA
      File Size: 19.4 MB (20,351,760 bytes)
      CRC32: A1DB49F9
      MD5: AD9D90BBE1AE8186234EDBE35018CB9C
      SHA-1: DBC9D3D6B050E3A84DE877CB7E672E53D59F41AF
    • By dougiefresh2
      This is a reupload of the Microsoft Sudoku addon by MAXtoriX.

      File Link: Microsoft_Sudoku_(Dual).WA
      File Size: 4.92 MB (5,161,095 bytes)
      CRC32: E4F78C15
      MD5: A4800F22DD876850F669C2A7323C41C7
      SHA-1: 5272A405A81954B90F3A331D77F087E4F571C1A0
    • By niTe_RiDeR_Pr0
      RT Se7en Lite v2.6.0 Beta - x86 + x64 2-in-1 RePack [Installer]
      About RePack: Removed all other app languages except Spanish & English; & replaced old 7z.exe & 7z.dll with latest version (15.14). Setup size reduced from (total) 30.8 MB to (repack) 23.1 MB [7.7 MB decreased].

      Optional Command Line Switches:

      DOWNLOAD: https://mega.nz/#!8w4WxRJL!rIQRkahNv0CR9-loJO087rWwbVyN8m7w3VYNRXHv7_E
      File Name:  RT7Lite_2.6.0.Dual_RePack.exe 
      File Size: 23.1 MB 
    • By niTe_RiDeR_Pr0
      ACDSee v19.2.0.486 - Dual x86+x64 2-in-1 Compressed RePack [Seperate x64 & x86 also available]
      - made by niT€_RiDeR_Pr0
      About RePack: 30-day trial version. Removed useless plugins like Facebook, Flickr, Smugmug & Zenfolio plugin, disabled random website launch after installation/uninstallation, improved/enhanced the compression (LZMA2) & decreased the file size a lot. [Total size of x86 & x64 official installers combined would be 196 MB, but it has been reduced to a mere 126 MB, thereby reducing file size by 70 MB].

      Optional Command Line Switches:


      Dual x86+x64 2-in-1 Installer:
      Download: https://mega.nz/#!o5QEHAYJ!lDR_Ik6g_-syTpi2kIKqyBV8uRMRGdVPzOQdwhsRjJE
      File Name: ACDSee_19.2.0.486.Dual_RePack.exe
      File Size: 126.0 MB
      File Hashes: http://pastebin.com/qZnZ2bj7

      x86-only Installer: 
      Download: https://mega.nz/#!UoIjVKqI!1kxw_ciDCXGvYVJbgxwSplt8YQxDGdSkpmDjd3cpzPU
      File Name: ACDSee_19.2.0.486.x86_RePack.exe
      File Size: 59.1 MB
      File Hashes: http://pastebin.com/KjaUh950

      x64-only Installer: 
      Download: https://mega.nz/#!AlQynbLI!JjWkf4AtL-8UrJJbY8K8G_6lmipQdbLF3yNgm6sN1Xw
      File Name: ACDSee_19.2.0.486.x64_RePack.exe
      File Size: 67.6 MB
      File Hashes: http://pastebin.com/jQ6GLwHa

      Cheers & Regards...
    • By niTe_RiDeR_Pr0
      Macrium Reflect Free Edition v6.1 Build 1225 - Dual x86+x64 RePack by niT€_RiDeR_Pr0
      About RePack: Nothing is removed/added/modified. Only optimized/enhanced & improved the compression, to reduce the file size. [Note: If you download the original (official) setup files, they would be a total of 79.4 MB, after repacking it has been reduced to 41.4 MB, i.e. 38 MB lesser.]
      Optional Command-Line Options:
      DOWNLOAD: Mega | File Name: MacriumReflect_6.1.1225.Dual_RePack.exe | File Size: 41.4 MB  | File Hashes: http://pastebin.com/N2UZWqXN
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