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windows 10 spring creator's update (1803) 404 errors

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The final build is gonna be 1804 because it was compiled this month and apparently there is another build that could arrive tomorrow or next week that build looks like its gonna be RTM.

From your downloader, it's pointing to 1803 build https://software-download.microsoft.com/pr/Win10_1803_English_x64.iso

but 1804 is final RTM build.

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On 4/28/2018 at 2:07 AM, Jan Krohn said:

The downloads will become available once released by MS. As far as I know this is supposed to happen on Monday (but can really be any time now).

probably Monday April 30 at 10am pacific time.  for those living in greater time zones than the Pacific Time zone, that could be Tuesday May 1.

I live in southwest USA, more accurately Southern California, USA, which is the same time zone as Microsoft though MS resides in another state than where I live.

just wait patiently folks :)

also it will NOT be called the "Spring Creators Update" as Microsoft now calls it the April 2018 Update (I hope the updated Windows ISO Download tool refers the upcoming 1803/1804 release as the April 2018 Update).  The "Creators Update" naming stuff is already overused & future feature updates for Win10 should be called something else other than using "Creators Update".


Edit 4/30: see my latest post here.

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