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Lost avatars

Jan Krohn

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Dear forum members,

The last forum software update killed numerous avatar images. The issue has already been raised to the vendor.

To get your avatar back immediately, go to your profile, click on the camera icon under your profile photo, and select "Use Gravatar".

Otherwise, your avatar might or might not be coming back with a future forum software update.


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The update that was installed yesterday, has removed Gravatar support completely from the forum software, which means, unfortunately more avatars have been lost. The reason given was performance issues.

Personally, I never experienced any performance issues when using Gravatar, and don't understand Invision's decision to remove the feature entirely. It should have been the forum admin's decision whether to enable or disable Gravatar.

Anyway, we have to accept what they did, and are back to the old fashioned way of uploading an avatar to the forum profile manually. Otherwise your avatar will be your user name's initials in a randomly coloured circle. These are the only two options for avatars now...

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It's not really one less third party. The company behind Gravatar is also behind Akismet (one of our anti spam plugins).

And using Gravatar was a user choice. It had t be actively selected in the profile. The idea behind it is to have the same avatar in many forums, and to be able change it everywhere with just a few mouse clicks.

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