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[How-To] Glassy Gloss


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Learn how to make a glassy effect like in my signature.

Step 1:

A) Make a rectangular canvas and fill it with your favorite color


Step 2:

A) Select the whole canvas by pressing "ctrl+a"

B ) Select your elliptical marquee too

C) Set to "subtract from selection"

D) start from the bottom and subtract from the selection so you have something close to a curve like this


Step 3:

A) Create a new layer on top of the current one

B ) Set your foreground color to white by pressing "D" then "X"

C) Fill the selection with white on the layer you just created and set the fill opacity to 35%

D) De-select by pressing ctrl+d


Step 4:

A) Hold down "Ctrl" while clicking on the thumbnail of the layer you just created in step 3 to select it once again

B ) Make a new layer underneath the one you just made in step 3

C) With your foreground color set to white select your gradient tool and select "foreground to transparent" in the gradient selection box.

D) With the layer you made in sub-step B selected, take your gradient tool and drag TOP DOWN within the selection on the canvas

E) Reduce the fill opacity of the later to 30%


Step 5:

A) Create a new layer under the one you just made in step 4

B ) Select the whole canvas by pressing "ctrl+a"

C) Again with your foreground color set to white and your gradient tool set to "foreground to transparent" take your gradient tool and from the BOTTOM UP of the bottom of the canvas drag about one third the way up

D) Set the fill opacity to 40%


Step 6:

You can stop here if you like, but to get the full effect venture one step further!

A) Bring up the blending options to the layer with the filled color on it and head over to the "gradient overlay" section

B ) Bring up the gradient editor and select the black and white gradient then change the color of the tab closest to the left to the color that currently inhabits the fill of your canvas and make the tab closest to the right considerably darker so an obvious difference can be seen between the to shades of your color.

C) Hit New then click OK

D) Hit OK on the Blending options window as well


Now after all that hard work

you should end up with something like this


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