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[AddOn] Windows Sidebar v6.0.6002.18005


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it works fine exept when i want to uninstall gadgets then it says that sidebar needs to close blah blah blah but ive tried uninstalling and reinstalling both alky and sidebar but it says the same every time.... HELP!!!!!!!!!!

I think for now this is normal. Sidebar will crash when selecting uninstall of gadgets. There is a .dll file you can use to fix this but it will do away with the task tray icon. The .dll does work as far as stopping the sidebar crash when uninstalling gadgets.

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hi all! thanks for your work! :thumbsup_anim: however i have this problem with the sidebar:

yesterday i tried to burn a cd/dvd with the program Dvddecrypter but it told me that he couldn't have the total access to the cdrom drive so the burning process stopped... why? i said.

so i used the program Unlocker to see if any program was locking the drive (in my case D:) and..wohil

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i solved: i unchecked an option in dvddecrypter and now it doesn't do this error again. however it's still a strange thing: sidebar.exe accesses also documets, the folder of internet cookies and other improbable files/folders...

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Hi i got alky for applications and restarted it and it went fine but when i installed the sidebar it said that alky wasnt installed and that it might not install properly i installed it anyway and it works fine exept when i want to uninstall gadgets then it says that sidebar needs to close blah blah blah but ive tried uninstalling and reinstalling both alky and sidebar but it says the same every time.... HELP!!!!!!!!!!

Read the message carefully when you start the sidebar installer. It doesn't say "Alky is not installed", it just says sidebar will not install properly if Alky isn't installed. It's just a warning to make sure you know to install Alky first. Sidebar installer is not able to verify that you've done that so it's just warning you, that's all, so that you can cancel the sidebar installer if necessary.

Uninstalling gadgets: This can't be done on XP like you do it with the sidebar in Vista since it makes the sidebar crash -- this is a known issue.

Workaround is to close the sidebar, locate the gadget file (use the XP search tool), delete that gadget file then restart the sidebar. If you now look in the "add a gadget" browser that gadget won't be there any more.

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Hi, is their any hotfixes or programs that need to be installed for the sidebar to work on xp sp3?

I only ask cause when i put it in my unattended install it threw up and error message on first login and it will not work after that!

(National Language Support Downlevel APIs update is not installed. Reinstalling Alky for Applications may fix this problem.)

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Been using this for a while, and - as all your addons I've tried - it works perfectly.

It would have been very nice to have a "builder" so that you could add your gadgets and create a "personal" addon for reinstall,

like the one for Windows Messenger

Is there a tool for this or maybe someone would like to make one - if it's possible and not too much work?

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Hi ricktendo64, i'm install windows sidebar, but than showed windows error messages :blink: . I have IE7, .NET Framework 2.0, WMP 11, MSXML6, WLAN API, VC2005 and AlkyXP.Do you want help me to fix it up? :help: SoKoOlz was offline. :g:

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- Updated w/ Alky for Applications 1.1

- Updated Windows Sidebar v6.0.6001.18000

- Updated BBC, Launcher and WMP Gadgets (removed a couple others)

- Swapped iWeather for MSNWeather Gadget

Alky for Applications 1.0 -> 1.1 changes

- memory corruption-related bug fixes
- GetVersionA API now returns Windows Vista version numbers

- XTaskDialog 1.06 implemented (http://www.naughter.com/xtaskdialog.html)
This resolves crashing found in applications such as Solitaire and mspaint.
This also enables proper uninstallation of Windows Sidebar gadgets.

- Various bug fixes

- Fixed NLSAPI installation bug on 64-bit platforms.
- Fixed NLSAPI uninstallation bug
- Added Sidebar post-KB943411 hack to installer

- Additional API added for future Windows 7 work
- New versioning text on all libraries (e.g. alky_1.1_trunk_032308-000051)

Here are the MSNWeather and the WMP gadgets in action (WMP gadget has a new IEXP theme)


There have also been improvements by the Alky guys with the dialog boxes (now more vista'ish, More Info), also the uninstall of the gadgets has finally been fixed


If you have any gadgets you want installed you can now add them, just unzip the addon and look in the SVCPACK folder for Gadgets.exe:

- Right Click on it and Open With WinRAR

- Drag & Drop any gadgets you want installed into either the Gadgets or Shared Gadgets sub folders

- Recompress the addon in any format you wish and integrate

Note I have to update the FAQ and stuff but will wait till tomorrow... This addon is compatible with SP2 and 3 (with SP2 make sure you use a UpdatePack with Wireless Lan API like the RVM Updatepack)

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And how do I do that update?? Just install on top? Or do I have to uninstall first and than install all of it again??

I mean Alky and the Sidebar


Back up any of your gadgets 1st, uninstall the Windows Sidebar 2nd, then uninstall Alky for Apps 1.0

Now install the new Alky then install the Sidebar and reboot again

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Perfect, I find that I get huge memory leaks if thats what you would call it ( v1.0 ) for example sidebar will be using 50,000k and then day later it will be using 220,000k of mem, you being the expert here, would you say that is the sidebar or a bad gadget ?

I will try out v1.1 soon

Thank you

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Update went smooth and Thanks. One question, the uninstaller seems to only remove the item from the gadgets screen if the gadgets are in the ProgramFiles gadgets or Shared gadgets folder without deleting them, is that normal? I did notice that if they(gadgets) are in the documents and settings... windows sidebar folder that the uninstaller will delete it from that folder. I think the latter folder is where the gadget installer installs the gadgets. I'm happy either way but am just curious if the uninstaller is suppose to delete the gadget from the ProgramFiles/gadgets or ProgramFiles/Shared gadgets folder.

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