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[AddOn] Windows Sidebar v6.0.6002.18005


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Guest snakecracker
It for some reason won't work

you need to unpack the gadgets, using WinRAR.

1st. get WinRAR (if you have not go it yet) right click on the file. click on open with WinRAR

then WinRAR will open with files of the gadget.

2nd. Create a folder naming it the same as the gadget file. make sure you have .gadget after the name (i.e Name_gadget.gadget) Then extract all the files to the folder you just created.

3rd. put that folder you just put your files in into C:\Program Files\Windows Sidebar\Gadgets.

4th. then go to the sidebar and add the gadgets. :thumbsup:

this should work.. if it don't then there is something wrong...?

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Guest snakecracker
Is there any support for XP Pro 64-bit? I would really like this functionality.

Thanks for any reply.

Have a look back on page 55 Post #1092 and someone shows you how to install it on Win XP 64-bit :)

Hope I helped

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The explorer.exe continues being closed.

What do it "Patch and run Vista executable" and can be done manually.

well you just install the program from inf then restart after that it would work without any problems no need for any modifications

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hi nice work ricktendo64 with your addons :)

but i check one little detail with your reduction of size (remove exe and dll duplicates and add the mui library call for other languajes)

new exe file increase the memory usage like 10mb+ more

i have you old addons and this new one...old use 22mb and 10mb two proccess of sidebar.exe and new one use 34mb and 16mb in the two proccess :S

the mui call i think reserve the memory to the library or something like that :S

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Hello Ricktendo, I'm using 'Alky for Applications' 1.0 for a long time in order to have the real sidebar under XP. I really enjoy this, I never wanted to test another bar like tosje or anything, since it works perfectly thanks.

But today I have a tiny question to submit, I hope you have an answer :

"Is it possible to adapt the Continuum messenger gadget, (from thirteen23) to the sidebar under XP ?"

I tried to use it, but the error says that the dwmapi.dll can't be called or something like that. I tried to DL & register this dll without any success, and I think it's because this librairy is the one that makes the glass effect work under vista (perhaps I'm wrong, I don't know).

So the question means "would it be possible to fix the problem in order to see how even so it could work ?"

Sorry for the bad english, I hope you'll understand. Best.

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Some problems:

*Media Player Gadget*Bad compatibility with ffshow (video playback is strange)-buttons will double, half of video flashing...

*Media Player Gadget*None of thumbnails are appearing... :crying_anim02: :crying_anim02: I see only red "X"

*Norton 2009&Norton 360*Gadget wasn't change it's status!

*Norton 2009&Norton 360* After Norton uninstalling, sidebar uninstalling too

And a question*?*

Do you create Service Pack 2 Sidebar(seems it use 50% less memory)


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i know this is a long shot but i remember seeing a sorta torn paper skin for the sidebar,i dunno if any one remembers it ,i think it was with the sidebar styler pack if memory serves me well.so if any own has the skin or the styler pack that was posted a while back, plz help me out.thx!

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NORTONS? Seriously m8 get a better Protection suite.

SP3 does not use more memory. Granted you need to slipstream it and do a FRESH install.

Now did you read the pre-requisites for this?





You need all of these for it to work properly. All other problems are from your nortons suite.

Ok, now Norton was expired anyway-Using Security Combination from ultimate11(Mininova) about Media Player gadget-HAVE ALL: IE7,WMP11, SP3 W ALL UPDATES AFTER IT, ALKY 1.1... Any way- throws RED "X"

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qwesta u can use ricks sidebar settings grabber to have any skin ' intergrated' as an addon.


1-install windows sidebar styler

2-mod/apply ure custom skin to sidebar with the styler, add to the bar ure gadgets you want to use

3-once you got the bar skinned and gadgeted to ure likes, get the attachment from this post and run it, it will create an addon with ure customisation of the bar thus creating a file in the same dir you launched it.include this addon alongside ure integration of the sidebar to get a fully customized bar.


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Wow, using security software pirated from a torrent site...brave, but stupid :thumbsdown_anim:

ive always simply followed my nose! nothing beats the human common sense. if ure unsure of what you download is infected or not then the question that comes to mind, why do you need it?if you still need it then good riddance you deserve to be infected!

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