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4k bliss wallpaper

Nirav Narang

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Hello, I want 4k bliss wallpaper but all I can find online is low resolution ones upscaled and stretched. I really need that wallpaper for my 4k wallpaper collection and I want the original 4k bliss. I know there are lots of custom theme and wallpaper experts here and please help. I downloaded a xp iso and I can't find the wallpaper there so don't tell me to use it.

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What do you mean by 4K? 3840x2160 or 4096x2160? As far as I know, the original Bliss wallpaper sold on Corbis is 4510x3627 but that is still not the original one taken by Charles O'Rear. The Corbis 4510x3627 one was a cropped version but it is the most original version that still exist. None of those images are in 4K resolution because the concept of 16:9 aspect ratio wasn't that popular in the 90s.

What you can do is you can grab the 4510x3627 TIF version and crop it to get 4K resolution (so it is not stretched😁). 

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