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Nullsoft SuperPiMP Install System (NSIS) Switch Issue


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Hi, I am trying to work with a program that uses the Nullsoft SuperPiMP Install System (NSIS). I am aware that the silent install switch for this installer is the /S switch. My problem is with the so called, "end of install" screen, which is mentioned in the MSFN's "Unattended install guide". The author of the MSFN guide claims to have not found a way around the "end of install" screen, although he also claims that it will not affect the installation outcome.

I have found that no problems with the app. install come about because of this "end of install" screen, but it has an untidy look and gives the impression of a poorly done silent installer. Throughout the entirety of the installation there is a small box which asks, "Would you like to run this program now?" It will go away if I click on the 'No' option, and I haven't tried to click on the "yes" option as I know it would just be a waste of time.

Does anyone know a way to suppress this screen, while using the svcpack silent install method?

Thanks for your help. :welcome:

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" Nullsoft SuperPiMP Install System (NSIS) " is the description/title of this particular type of installer according to the MSFN "Unattended Windows Installation Guide" that seems to be so often referred to in response to beginner's questions(mostly in other forums I should add). The guide describes the installer, gives a list of switches, and also acknowledges the lack of a solution to the 'end of installation' pop up window. The guide was written at least 3 years ago and I was hoping that perhaps someone had come across a solution to this in the mean time. Here is a link to where I found the information/description of the installer; MSFN Unattended Installation Guide


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yes, unfortuantely so. The addon I made will install by itself with the other addons, but intead of a EOI installation confirmation, it offers the option to "run program now?(yes/no)" I would like to find a way around this problem since I still cant quite grasp batch scripting technique, plus I was hoping to make my first addon to offer up to the community. So far this is as close as I have come to making one of my own.

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