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Win 7 / Office 2010: Monthly Download Days starting October 1 (experimental)

Jan Krohn

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EOL means End Of Life. That is when a a company is no longer providing regular updates for that specific product to consumers. Pretty much all Windows 7 ISOs are under 5 gigabytes and you should be able to fit an ISO onto regular DVDs.

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1 hour ago, Kesh2010 said:

Does anyone know why Windows 7 cannot be downloaded with a key on the MS website?

Most keys that are still for sale are for OEM, education, system builder, family pack, MSDN and counterfeit versions.

However, the download site requires a key from a FPP retail product, or an ESD key sold by MS or one of their official partners (Digital River, Amazon etc.)

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10 hours ago, SnowBall said:

Nice, the Chinese and 64-bit Turkish one doesn't seem to work though. They must be the links Microsoft forgot to take down. I used to have a full list of those and non of them work anymore.

They do work, I have checked it twice. You simply have to wait a few seconds until download will start or use links posted below which will let you to download the same files:

Chinese 32-bit:


Turkish 64-bit:


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I tried to Download Windows 7 Home Premium OEM English 64-bit at 12am this morning and received the following error:

I just tried again, same error. I tried multiple times this morning. No links appeared even after waiting, "shortly." And there was nothing in green to download either.

I was able to download from the windows 7 (August 2018) option though.

I have an OEM license that came with my sytem builder pc from years ago. Just trying to get an official copy here.

Any suggestions?


Windows ISO Downloader


New Downloads can be generated SHORTLY. In the mean time, you can select one of the downloads highlighted in green.



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