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Which is the best defragmenter in your opinion?


The best defragment program is:  

80 members have voted

  1. 1. What is the best program for defragmentation?

    • Diskeeper
    • Perfect Disk
    • O&O Defrag
    • Ultimate Defrag
    • Other (post the name bellow)

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Guest DennyMK
Thanks DennyMK. Also, thanks for the addon!

Edit: Does the addon install the Yahoo Toolbar? I only tested it by running the exe inside the "svcpack".

Screen Shot

Yes, it installs the Yahoo Toolbar, which you can uninstall too :P

...and you are welcome ;)

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Guest DennyMK

Is there a way to edit your addon so that when it silent installs it removes the check mark as not make yahoo the default home page?


Done. No more Yahoo Toolbar

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WTF is it with this post?

It keeps coming up in my results when I click view new content, but the last post was by me and its been almost a year (this is the second time I have spotted this topic in the results)

Edit: nm, I think it may have something to do with the poll :P

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I like UltimateDefrag personally. It seems much faster and now that the new version finally came out you can actually drag and drop the files to any position you like on your hard drive. It just gives you complete control I guess that is why I prefer it. There is a 30 day trial of the new version also if you want to try it just type "ultimatedefrag" in Google and i think it is the first or second link.

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i use "MyDefrag". its based on the JKDefrag software & on the windows defrag API (so it supports xp, vista & 7), works flawlessly for me, hasnt presented me any errors, has multiple options for System & Data disks AAAAANND its free.

just sayin lol, :) .

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PerfectDisk is very good but not free. Used v9 and v10.

Defraggler is very slow, Auslogics, the one i use now, is fast but don't have all the features of PerfectDisk like offline defrag and unattended (automatic) defrag.

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Diskeeper. is the best. you set it and forget it. to prove how well it wrok get an image of your drive before you install. then 2 days after do another image. on top of that if you really want to get crazy good defrag. do the boot time defral n matther how many HDD you have set each one the PC will do eack reboots if nescessay then start up normall. Crazy wicked program.

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