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On 1/4/2020 at 2:27 PM, Unantastbar said:

On Thursday the 02.01.2020 I have quietly and secretly published v1.7.0.9. The one or other has already noticed it.

But now for those of you who didn't notice.

Win Toolkit v1.7.0.15 was released.

* FIX: Minor code fixes
* Updated Imagex to Windows 10 Version 10.0.19041.1
* Updated Check for new DISM to Version 10.0.19041.1
* WinToolkit Required .NET Framework 4.7.2 and higher
* Updated WinToolkitRunOnce.exe to v1.6.0.0
* WinToolkitRunOnce Required .NET Framework 4.7.2 and higher
* FIX: Enable Legacy .NET Framework [Win 8/10]
* FIX: Extended Windows 10 Support
* Removed: Donate > Bank Transfer
* Moved: Tweaks > Enable Legacy .NET Framework [Win 8/10] to System     
* Moved: Tweaks > Custom Explorer Bars (MANIKANT.S.GUPTA) to Explorer
* Extended Windows 10 Support
* Minor Code changes
* Small UI changes    
* NEW: All-In-One Integrator > Tweaks > Windows Update [Win 10]
* Added "Tweaks" - Disable Automatic App Updates
* Added "Tweaks" - Disable Automatic Driver Updates
* Added "Tweaks" - Disable Automatic Windows Update
* Added "Tweaks" - Disable Automatic Maintenance [Win 10]
* Added "Tweaks" - Block in Firewall | Remove Block in Firewall [Win 10]
* Added "Tweaks" - Show/Hide Windows Insider Page from Settings [Win 10]
* Removed "Repacks.net" > Main Menu Tab (Installer Repacks > Downloads > Integration)    
* Removed "Tweaks" > Microsoft Edge


your version has the virus W32.Trojan.Tiggre embedded in the installer

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Sad all project dead. even website deleted. But thanks for a bit of learning. should have last version somewhere. still see fresh ad on here. possible soon i take a "last" windows. (now most time i'm on Linux, just some easy one like mint). Again THANKS for new thinks what i learn. like run via NSudo ! - that take a bit of time before i learn.

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Hello! I hope everyone is doing well and finding Win Toolkit still useful.



On 1/2/2023 at 7:43 PM, latino said:

Hello friend, what do you need to continue updating the project since it is quite abandoned. Tell us, how can we help you?

Time unfortunately. :( 

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12 hours ago, mooms said:

Hi Lego, glad to see you're still around.

I don't use WTK anymore but it was useful in the Win7 days. Thanks.

Hey mooms, glad you're still around as well. I remember you and various other users who contributed to WTK. :) 

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2 hours ago, Legolash2o said:


it still works for Windows 10 and works with Windows 11!

Whit only 1 issue (cosmetic!): cumulative updates are put under "Language Packs" and I must move it under "Updates"; same happens with the developper-version by unantastbar (project dead).

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 Legolash2o ....you are the best  dude!Any chance  for us,if you decide to keep  optimization WTK!?It will be nice with Windows 11,Cheers bro,you created simply the best instrument for us!Cheers!Keep going!!!


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On 5/5/2023 at 4:02 PM, Thiersee said:

Whit only 1 issue (cosmetic!): cumulative updates are put under "Language Packs" and I must move it under "Updates"; same happens with the developper-version by unantastbar (project dead).

Do you have a download link to an example update please?

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Thanks for the patch - hope all is well for you.  I still keep WTK handy and use its various tools with several OS, tinker with win11 also.  Appreciate your work and contributions within the project over the years - and if any future plans for it is great too! - in meantime take care.

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I will add my observations WTK _v1_1.7.0.1 from playing with WIN10 22h2 & All-In-On Integrator. Of course, I didn't check all combinations and options. I would not want to be misunderstood, just sharing my observations, absolutely nothing expected.
So from the operation of the program:

Drivers = OK

Tweaks = OK 

Updates = OK

Components Removal = OK

v Lite - Accessories - Themes - Aero ticking will result in the installation not being possible, then there is a black screen when installing after a reset. Suggests mark in red for Windows 10.

Services - BlackViper 'Tweaked' = OK. But Windows with Biometric::Disabled. Only when using password makes a message during installation somehow "OOBELOCALHELLO" or something like that. Just 'Skip' / 'Try again' and it goes on, when not using password is OK. I would suggest highlighting in yellow?.

With best regards.

Edit - all works for my now.

Edited by pawelnrg
new knowlege.
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