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[AddOn] QT Address Bar v0.9.5

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QT Address Bar

Make your XP addressbar more handy in Vistih style :P



@ 169.19 KB

MD5: 14FAD30FAF24B3F9D5D5D199B1033F37

Note: It need to be enabled via explorer shell: View\Toolbars\QT...


5-October-07 - Update to version 0.9.5. Addon now instals via RunOnce during first logon.

15-August-07 - first release...includes add/remove entries.

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You only include the setup somewhere, no installation, doesn't work!

No mate you have to run QT Address Bar via Start/Utilities to install/activate program. Then you have to enable it in My Computer View/Toolbars.

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Hi Gorki,

What switches did you use to make the installer silent? I am trying to make an addon for QTToolbar and I haven't found a way...


I did not use any switches as it's named as true addon not svcpack addon. You should also know that this applications like QT Toolbar,QTAdressbar,Styler,etc... require different approach when making it as addon. Generally RunOnceEx should work for those.

And for the note..I'm working on improving QT Address Bar addon so It won't be needed any user interference to activate it. :)

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Is there a place where the settings are saved? Like the place where the bar is placed and that the standard adress bar is unchecked.
HKCU,"Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Toolbar\ShellBrowser","ITBarLayout"
And is there a svpack addon for this?
Nope, the reason is it might not install. It requires .Net framework 2.0 be installed first
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