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[AddOn] True Transparency v0.9.4 + Editable skin pack


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True Transparency


TrueTransparency is a freeware that changes the windows border adding png support and so true transparency.




size.png@ 316 KB

md5.png 37DA457BB23AAC7AA1354AC4886C5B5A

NOTE: Installation directory > Utilities


21-October-08 - Added international language support (DA,CA,EN,FR,DE,PL,IT,PO,ES,VI) removed forced startup entry to avoid overlapping,some .inf housing.

02-July-08 - updated to version 0.9.4

01-June-08 - Fixed inf that caused deleting folder on next system startup.

30-May-08 - updated to version 0.9.3

23-April-08 - updated to version 0.9.2

16-April-08 - updated to version 0.9.1

7- December - 07 .inf file improvements

5-November-07 - updated to version 0.8.5

29-October-07 - Fixed typo so now startup entry is fully removed when TT is uninstalled.

24-October-07 - updated to version 0.8.4 ,startup entry is enabled by default

05-September-07 - updated to version 0.6

21-August-07 - added TrueAero skin and also set as default skin

17-August-07 - fixed typo error causing Leopard skin not to load correctly.

16-August-07 - first release...includes add/remove entries.

True Transparency (editable) skin pack


size.png@1.13 MB

md5.png EB7E27F35C50A387FD017221AFAD7D4E

Editing Instructions

Download your favorite skin pack from here.

Download my skin pack that already includes Vista Pack Colors for TT 8.X skin pack, unpack my complete addon (Gorki_My_TT_skins_AddOn.cab) and right click open My_TT_skins.exe using any archiver you have installed in your OS...


As you see now you can add your favorite skin packs or delete ones that are already in archive... Just don't forget to unpack your favorite skin pack before adding it to My_TT_skins.exe

After that you repack everything,using any archiver as it was before and your favorite skin pack is ready for your new OS :)

Edited by Gorki
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Gorky why don't you add a shortcut to the Startup folder (use my profileitems flags to make it universal)

Name	   =True Transparency,0x00000008,24
CmdLine =16422,%PROG_DIR%,TrueTransparency.exe
WorkingDir =16422,%PROG_DIR%
InfoTip =True Transparency

P.S. Needs no SubDir

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Name	   =True Transparency,0x00000008,24
CmdLine =16422,%PROG_DIR%,TrueTransparency.exe
WorkingDir =16422,%PROG_DIR%
InfoTip =True Transparency

Done! Addon now includes startup entry so it will be loaded on every boot :)

Fixed some typos, please read Changelog.

Edited by Gorki
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a new version of True Transparency v0.6 is available

can you update it

help me gorki or rick :icon_question:

True Transparency v0.6 Download


Updated...program has some major changes as I see. Further more creator added Fr language and startup entry added as additional option.

I'm still leaving True Aero Skin as default one. :)

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