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Windows Xp Services


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Learn to use the 'Services', they are powerful and control much of WindowsXP. Without mastering the 'Services', you'll be forced to run programs in the system tray for all eternity!!

Windows XP (despite what some people will say) is the fairly excellent product of many years of operating system evolution and represents one of the most powerful yet easy to use interfaces around. In fact, Microsoft even managed to get a couple Linux guru's to admit to this, reportedly. On the other hand, WinXP is a processor and memory resource hog which often seems to run much slower than it should based on the work it is doing.

The reason for this occasional slow performance is the same reason why Microsoft Windows XP runs considerably slower than Windows 2000 at times, despite being based off the same basic platform: It's what's going on in the background.

Every modern operating system needs to run certain processes constantly regardless of what other programs and operations are currently active and regardless of what the user may be doing. These background processes may be used to detect new hardware, monitor the network for incoming data, or a variety of other things that require the operating system to pay constant attention to its surroundings.

In Windows XP, these background processes are called Services. We're going to look at what the WinXP Services are and do, why they are necessary, which ones should be running on your system and which ones you can do without

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Leave the services alone. They are there for a reason and do not consume memory like many people falsely speculate. There is no beneficial gain in disabling your services.


For me I tried to use the default setting for XP Services and tried the mentioned above settings, and there was a good differences in performance according to what happened with me!

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