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Nero 8 is coming


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According to amazon.co.uk Nero 8 will be released on September 26, 2007


According to Amazon.com Nero 8 is discontinued by manufacturer :thumbsdown_anim:

Does anybody heard something about the new Nero version ??

I really dont think that nero 8 will be released too quick

i meen nero 7.7 (which i'm using) was just approved for vista a month after it was released

there more than likely will be a nero 8, but dont hold your breath :P

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cro-man can find anything.

Yup I saw it too on amazon.co.uk but it will be only released in Europe not here in the US.

Anyway I only use Nero Burning Rom I've never found any use for the other programs... :icon_question: right now I'm using Nero Micro. It has the same burning engine, just without the bloat. :icon_rolleyes:

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Version 8 is working. At first I thought it's fake but after i try to install...it works.

Pictures proof:



But it is very bulky and with unproved stability

Also only one universal serial for all will be blacklisted soon

I have gone back to the latest stable Nero Ultra Enhanced

Thanks for the update and there is now way to go and get it right now :icon_rolleyes:

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I have been using NERO 8 for about a month and a half now. It has a nice interface but it takes to long to launch. I have been thinking about going back to 7 but not sure yet, I have a bad habit of using the newest. LOL. Though I did give up on VISTA

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