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What time zone does HeiDoc use?


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Hello. First of all, I am not good at English, so I will use a translator.

Hello, I would like to download the Korean version of the Windows 7 Professional edition from Korea.

However, even after September 1st, the message "Only programs highlighted in green can be downloaded as we are preparing to download" was displayed continuously, so I thought it might be because the time I live in and the time used by Heidoc is different.

So I wrote this article.
Please let me know what time zone you are using.

Also, I wonder if I can download Windows 7 Pro on September 1st based on Heidoc.

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It should be supported. I have no idea why the x64 image is missing. For unknown reasons, the Microsoft download server only generated the x32 link.

My suggestion for now would be to go for the Win 7 Home Premium COEM download, which will expire at 11:03 PM UTC, which is in about three hours already. You can convert that image to Win 7 Pro. I think this could be your last chance for any Korean Win 7 download in this month's download cycle.

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