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missing columns from Excel

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I just merged a few files into MULTI-PDF-MERGER; one of them was a small (2016) Excel spreadsheet and most of the columns were not displayed.

Is this typical for when merging spreadsheets? I didn't expect comments to show but for columns to be ignored is unacceptable.


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This is nothing I've encountered during testing.

The Multi-PDF-Merger uses the same settings as the Excel print function. If the columns in the spreadsheet are printed, then they should show up in the PDF file. (In case they don't, and the content of the spreadsheet isn't private or otherwise sensitive, feel free to share it here in the forum or to send it to me via PM.)

If the missing columns in the spreadsheet are not printed, then we need to find out why. My best guess would be that there's a print area defined for the spreadsheet.

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