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Brave Browser 1.44.101 Dual x86x64 [Silent]


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Brave Browser is a free, fast, secure and open source web browsing application based on the Chromium and available for your all devices. Complete with a built-in ad blocker that prevents tracking and provides security protection with optimized data and battery performance.

The Brave is much more than a web browser, it is a new way of thinking about how the web works. Brave is on a mission to fix the web by giving users a safer, faster and better browsing experience while growing support for content creators through a new attention-based ecosystem of rewards.

Brave is built by a team of privacy focused, performance oriented pioneers of the web, including the inventor of JavaScript and co-founder of Mozilla. It begins with giving you back power. Get unmatched speed, security and privacy by blocking trackers. Earn rewards by opting into our privacy-respecting ads and help give publishers back their fair share of Internet revenue.

Browse Faster – Load pages 3x to 6x faster
Watch Brave in action, head-to-head-to-head against Chrome and Firefox. Brave loads pages three times as fast out of the box with nothing to install, learn or manage.

Switching is easy – Import and continue where you left off
It’s easy to import your settings from your old browser. You can do it during the welcome tour or later through the menus. All of your old browser profiles will appear in a list. You can import other browser data through the main menu item called “Import Bookmarks and Settings.”

Support your favorite sites with Brave Rewards
Turn on Brave Rewards and give a little back to the sites you frequent most. Earn frequent flyer-like tokens (BAT) for viewing privacy-respecting ads through Brave and help fund the content you love.

Browsing the web with Brave is free: with Brave Rewards activated, you can support the content creators you love at the amount that works for you.

The browser can automatically distribute your contributions based on how much time you spend on sites. Or, you can choose to tip sites directly, and even offer a fixed monthly tip amount.

All of this works while keeping your browsing history private. Your funds are made available to site owners through an anonymous ledger system, so you can’t be identified based on the sites you visit and support. Over 10,000 publishers and content creators have registered to receive Brave Rewards.

Remember: these contributions are optional – browsing the web with Brave Browser is free.

Brave Browser Feature List:
Ad blocking
Fingerprinting prevention
Cookie control
HTTPS upgrading
Block scripts
Per-site shield settings
Configurable global shield defaults
Brave Rewards
Earn by viewing private ads
Tip your favorite creators
Contribute monthly to sites
Auto-contribute to sites
Verify with Uphold and move funds in and out of your wallet
Become a verified creator and start earning BAT from tips, contributions and referrals
Tabs and Windows
Private Windows
Pinned Tabs
Drag and drop
Close Options
Find on page
Print page
Clear browsing data
Built-in password manager
Form autofill
Control content access to full-screen presentation
Control site access to autoplay media
Send “Do not track” with browsing requests
Choose default search engine
Use keyboard shortcuts for alternate search engines
Option to use DuckDuckGo for private window search
Address Bar
Add Bookmark
Autosuggest URLs
Search from address bar
Autosuggest search terms
Show/hide bookmarks toolbar
Show secure or insecure site
Extensions and Plugins
Brave Desktop now supports most of the Chrome extensions in the chrome web store

Windows 7/8/10

Silent installation
X64 X86
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Changes in Brave Browser 1.30.86:

  • Added the ability for Brave to handle searches from Windows Shell and Cortana.
  • Added “Index other search engines” setting under brave://settings/search.
  • Added the ability to disable Tor via Admin policy on macOS and Linux.
  • Added the ability to right click in brave://rewards-internals logs.
  • [Security] Added IPFS gateway URL validation.
  • Improved “Disconnected” Brave Rewards wallet options.
  • Updated default (standard) adblocking to generally allow first-party requests.
  • Removed known user tracking parameters from URLs.
  • Fixed overlapping text in download infobar.
  • Fixed Brave specific URLs not being listed under brave://about.
  • Fixed inability to remove IPNS keys under brave://settings/ipfs/keys.
  • Fixed issue with IPFS shutdown and restart in certain cases.
  • Upgraded Chromium to 94.0.4606.61.

Changes in Brave Browser 1.29.80:

  • Updated the bookmarks folder icon on the bookmarks bar.
  • Fixed Chromecast crashing in certain cases and re-added “Media Router” setting (disabled by default) under “brave://settings/extensions”.
  • Fixed crash when opening brave://settings/content/autoplay.
  • Fixed Brave Talk not being recognized when rewards is enabled due to Greaselion precondition not being met with multiple profiles.
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Changes in Brave Browser 1.34.80:

  • Added the ability to make the tab audio icon non-clickable using brave://flags/#tab-audio-icon-interactive.
  • Added indications for selected network.
  • [Security] Disabled CNAME uncloaking when DoH is enabled with an HTTPS proxy.
  • Updated error message text when Trezor is not connected.
  • Updated legacy gas controls to allow 0 gas price.
  • Updated price fetching to use contract address when possible.
  • Updated Omaha installer version for Windows to v1.3.36.111.
  • Removed “View on block explorer” button for rejected transactions.
  • Removed text label for the private icon on Private Windows.
  • Fixed crash when disabling Brave Shields in certain cases.
  • Fixed inability to download torrents with WebTorrent.
  • Fixed retry loop for token refill when server responds with 404 to adaptive CAPTCHA request.
  • Fixed issue in hardware wallet connect screen while switching derivation scheme.
  • Fixed error when importing Ledger accounts.
  • Fixed Trezor popup incorrectly reopening in certain cases.
  • Fixed plus icon for RPC URLs not being shown when editing a network.
  • Fixed inability to remove previously entered RPC URLs.
  • Fixed Dapp web compatibility issue with https://studio.manifold.xyz.
  • Fixed issues with voting and creating spaces or proposals on https://snapshot.org Dapp.
  • Fixed tooltip for unsupported networks on brave://wallet being retained on screen.
  • Fixed path names not appearing in the address bar for IPNS addresses.
  • Upgraded Chromium to 97.0.4692.71. (Changelog for 97.0.4692.71)
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Changes in Brave Browser 1.35.101:

  • Fixed ad confirmations not being sent when the viewed ad has been removed from the catalog for users with Brave Ads enabled.
  • Fixed swap quotes being incorrectly rounded in certain cases that lead to issues estimating gas fees for Brave Wallet.
  • Fixed token assets not selectable under the “Visible Asset” modal for Brave Wallet.
  • Fixed ETH fiat amounts always displaying zero within the transaction panel for Brave Wallet.

Changes in Brave Browser 1.35.100:

  • Added “wallet_requestPermissions” and “wallet_getPermissions” for compatibility with https://market.x.immutable.com and others.
  • Added web3 “currentProvider” shim for compatibility with both https://snowtrace.io and https://staking.trava.finance/staking.
  • Added “personal_ecRecover” signing for compatibility with https://loopring.io.
  • Added “Add suggested tokens” panel into Brave Wallet.
  • Added “Ethereum Site Permissions” UI into Brave Wallet.
  • Added ability to modify current network under Brave Wallet.
  • Added UI feedback when copying phrase from “Your recovery phrase” screen under Brave Wallet.
  • Added the ability to set a wallet network as active under brave://settings/wallet/networks.
  • Added tooltip showing exact date and time to transaction history under Brave Wallet.
  • Added plus icon to “Select Network” dropdown which navigates to brave://settings/wallet/networks in a new tab. (
  • Added EIP-55 checksum address checks in the send widget.
  • Added display of active transactions and token balances in the panel.
  • Added support for “wallet_watchAsset” method to add suggested tokens.
  • Added notification for Uphold verified users when Customer Due Diligence survey needs to be completed.
  • Added first-party ephemeral storage with domain block functionality.
  • [Security] Added .torrc file into Brave.
  • [Security] Fixed “Allow scripts once” under shields not working in certain cases.
  • Enabled EIP-1559 Type-2 transactions for Trezor keyring.
  • Improved auto focusing on several input elements throughout Brave Wallet.
  • Improved keyboard accessibility for Brave Wallet.
  • Improved hardware wallet account naming.
  • Implemented common password validation.
  • Updated UI for “Verify recovery phrase” screen to better display 24 word recovery phrases.
  • Updated wallet import flow.
  • Updated rewards payout status messaging.
  • Disabled viewing “Site Permissions” for Brave Wallet panel in certain cases.
  • Disabled Happiness Tracking Survey (HaTS).
  • Removed “navigator.connection”.
  • Removed known user tracking parameters “igshid” from certain URLs.
  • Removed the “Network”, “Address” and “Account Orb” from the “Add/Switch Network” panel under Brave Wallet.
  • Removed price fetching for assets with a zero balance.
  • Removed permission lifetime options from U2F permission dialog.
  • Reduced BAT threshold before being able to verify Uphold two-way user wallet from 15 to 2 BAT.
  • Reduced disclaimer row padding.
  • Fixed token details not being auto-populated when adding custom asset under Brave Wallet.
  • Fixed unable to sign messages on https://www.cryptokitties.co using Trezor.
  • Fixed token name missing from “Allow Spend” panel under Brave Wallet.
  • Fixed typed data signing issues with https://looksrare.org.
  • Fixed input value not being reset when network is changed.
  • Fixed broken icons for custom network base currency.
  • Fixed redundant ordinal numbers in wallet recovery phrase.
  • Fixed last connected account being selected when multiple accounts are provided for OpenSea.
  • Upgraded Chromium to 98.0.4758.87. (Changelog for 98.0.4758.87)

Changes in Brave Browser 1.34.81:

  • Removed requests to https://ftx.com at startup without user opt-in.
  • Fixed trailing zeros being incorrectly removed in certain cases.
  • Fixed brave://settings/ipfs/keys loading blank page in certain cases.
  • Upgraded Chromium to 97.0.4692.99. (Changelog for 97.0.4692.99)
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Changes in Brave Browser 1.38.109 (Chromium 101.0.4951.41):

  • Added the ability to redirect an AMP page to its canonical non-AMP version.
  • Added “Select network” field in the Brave Wallet “Add custom asset” modal.
  • Added isBraveWallet property to window.ethereum.
  • Added the ability to copy Brave Wallet transaction hash from “Transactions” on the “Portfolio” page.
  • Added confirmation screen after transaction is approved for Brave Wallet.
  • Added bottom padding to the Brave Wallet swap container.
  • Added loading skeletons for various areas within Brave Wallet.
  • Implemented balance updater interval for Brave Wallet.
  • Updated design for Brave Shields.
  • Updated IPFS node to go-ipfs v0.12.0.
  • Updated adblocking to execute all cosmetic scriptlets even if one fails.
  • Updated wording on Brave Wallet backup reminder banner.
  • Updated Brave Wallet swap capability to prevent unnecessarily encountering “Too many decimal places” error.
  • Updated URL for Brave Wallet Ropsten Test Faucet network.
  • Updated Brave Wallet password field to be cleared when an incorrect password is entered.
  • Updated “Portfolio” page of Brave Wallet to return all EVM network tokens.
  • Updated UI to increase spacing between “Assets” and “Transactions” on “Accounts” subview page of Brave Wallet.
  • Updated link text color to blue for Brave Wallet onboarding screen.
  • Updated alignment of options available from the Brave Wallet “More” menu.
  • Renamed “Monthly Contributions” to “Monthly Tips” for Brave Rewards.
  • Removed redirect after adding an account to Brave Wallet from the portfolio asset details screen.
  • Removed referral code from P3A reports.
  • Fixed unexpected storage cleanup on site close when “Clear cookies and site data when you close all windows” is enabled under brave://settings/cookies.
  • Fixed unblocked cookie consent dialogs on some websites when the brave://flags/#brave-adblock-cookie-list-default is enabled.
  • Fixed inability to solve Brave Rewards CAPTCHA in certain cases.
  • Fixed inability to import MetaMask wallet to Brave Wallet.
  • Fixed failed second sign request (eth_signTypedData_v4) for Loopring.io L2 activation when using Brave Wallet.
  • Fixed data on “Portfolio” page of Brave Wallet not being properly displayed due to parsing error.
  • Fixed broken placeholder icons for ERC721 tokens on Brave Wallet “Account” page.
  • Fixed “JSON data is not expected” when trying to import a crypto wallet into Brave Wallet in certain cases.
  • Fixed Brave Wallet network selector list being partially blurred on page load.
  • Fixed Brave Wallet “Add Custom Asset” modal incorrectly being populated with previously added custom token details.
  • Fixed EIP-1559 gas oracle incorrectly firing on non-EIP-1559 networks for Brave Wallet.
  • Fixed Brave Wallet percentage selector remaining selected when input value was updated.
  • Fixed Speedreader icon incorrectly disappearing in certain cases.
  • Fixed inability to exit reader mode when Speedreader is disabled.
  • Upgraded Chromium to 101.0.4951.41. (Changelog for 101.0.4951.41)
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Release Notes v1.41.99 (July 20th, 2022)

  • Updated Ramp.Network asset list for Brave Wallet. (#23897)
  • Fixed error page being shown when debouncing in certain cases. (#24080)
  • Fixed Brave News not loading additional content in certain cases. (#13761)
  • Upgraded Chromium to 103.0.5060.134. (#24122) (Changelog for 103.0.5060.134)
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Changes in Brave 1.44.101 (Chromium 106.0.5249.65):

  • Added reading list.
  • Added pluggable transports and bridges support for Tor.
  • Added NFT details page to Brave Wallet.
  • Added currency selector for “Buy” tab under Brave Wallet.
  • Added the ability to select a specific RPC URL as active for Brave Wallet.
  • Added a Brave Wallet native API to access the CoinGecko proxy endpoint.
  • Added Sardine buy support in Brave Wallet.
  • Added Sardine to the onboarding on-ramp list under Brave Wallet.
  • Added .zil TLD support for Unstoppable Domains.
  • Added “Import from legacy Brave crypto wallets” checkbox when importing a Brave Wallet with a 24-word seed phrase.
  • Added Fantom chain and tokens to Brave Wallet.
  • Added “Tab hover mode” configuration options under brave://settings/appearance.
  • Added the ability to show a solid color background on the New Tab Page.
  • [Security] Updated Brave Wallet password policy.
  • [Security] Increased Pbkdf2 iterations for Brave Wallet password.
  • [Security] Updated Brave Wallet recovery phrase verification to use randomized word indices.
  • [Security] Added additional password protection when revealing private keys under the Brave Wallet “Account” screen.
  • [Security] Moved Brave Wallet Ethereum ledger integration to an untrusted iframe.
  • [Security] Moved Brave Wallet Filecoin ledger integration to an untrusted iframe.
  • [Security] Extended font randomization fingerprinting protections to cover src:local as reported on HackerOne by xlin.
  • [Security] Sanitized chrome:// page state for serialized navigation entries.
  • Implemented swaps in Solana when using Brave Wallet.
  • Updated Brave Wallet onboarding.
  • Updated the Brave Wallet “Bridge to Aurora” modal text.
  • Updated Brave Wallet to create a Solana account by default when creating or restoring a wallet.
  • Updated brave://rewards page to handle smaller window sizes.
  • Updated text on the “IPFS is disabled” error page.
  • Improved de-AMP functionality.
  • Moved “Show Brave Rewards icon in address bar” to be displayed under brave://settings/rewards.
  • Moved Tor settings to be displayed under brave://settings/privacy.
  • Removed default network selection on the “Add custom asset” modal for Brave Wallet.
  • Removed support for legacy Brave Rewards anonymous Uphold cards.
  • Removed 2 BAT minimum threshold under Brave Rewards before being able to use Uphold as a custodial provider.
  • Removed extra spacing from the “Clear browsing data” modal displayed in a Private window and Private window with Tor.
  • Removed P2A protobuf reporting.
  • Fixed issue where deleting an NFT from a collection in Brave Wallet removed all NFT’s from that collection.
  • Fixed incorrect address being displayed via the Brave Wallet “Send” modal when an ENS domain has no ETH address.
  • Fixed providers under the onboarding on-ramp list not being sorted in alphabetical order via Brave Wallet.
  • Fixed visibility issues with the password tooltip under Brave Wallet when creating a new wallet while using dark mode.
  • Fixed WebTorrent not adapting to theme changes.
  • Fixed UI on torrent and magnet link pages.
  • Fixed Chromium bookmark icons appearing under search suggestions.
  • Fixed persistent error message on “Enter a sync code” modal in certain cases.
  • Fixed IPFS interstitial page not being shown when redirected from .eth domains.
  • Fixed “Don’t ask me again” setting under “Close all tabs” not updating “Warn me before closing window with multiple tabs” via brave://settings/braveHelpTips
  • Fixed certain websites not loading correctly due to farbling Accept-Language headers on subresources.
  • Upgraded Chromium to 106.0.5249.65. (Changelog for 106.0.5249.65)
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