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Windows 10 (Dell) ... doesn't show my Model


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The Inspiron 3880 is a brand new model, so I've not added it yet. In all likelihood, the image for Inspiron 3780 is identical to 3880. You could just use that.

If you want me to check whether there's a different image available for 3880, I'd need your service tag. You could send it to me here in the thread or by PM.

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Yes, very helpful. I'll add the 3880 in the next version.

In the mean time, you can use the latest image for the 3780 (release date 2020-05-07). As I suspected, the images are identical. I've compared all meta data including the hash. It' definitely the same file.

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15 hours ago, raheem84 said:

Heya Jan,

Could you add the XPS 17 9700 too please?

the ServTagNr. is FQLG103.




I'll add it in the next version. In the mean time, use the identical image for XPS 7390, 7590 or 8930 (latest build 2020-05-07).

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On 7/31/2021 at 8:38 PM, Xoyn Z. Nikay said:

Hi and I am hoping that you are smiling today!

Just wanted  to let you know that my 2021 Dell PC Model is not showing...is not listed...for Dell XPS 8940, Service Tag GBGB0C3.  Thanks so much, I appreciate your help!

I fear that this will have to wait. There are too many changes that require major work, such as the IE11 end of life, and the removal of the Win 7 downloads.

For now, here's the latest Win 10 Home download for your model, which I generated manually with your service tag.


Link is valid for 24 hours.

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On 8/3/2021 at 4:46 PM, Jan Krohn said:

How do you generate these? I can't find the page to generate these links anywhere.

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It doesn't make much sense, on a virtual machine the Dell softwares and drivers won't work.
You can install Dell softwares and drivers from the support page of your device (use the support tag), no need to use a Dell media.

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On 11/6/2021 at 7:42 AM, dilse said:

Please provide link windows 10/11 iso for Dell Inspiron 5410 14" 2 in 1 (2021)

Either use the vanilla images as mooms suggested, or provide your service tag so that I can add that model in the next version.

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