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[How To] Creating Advanced Water


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1.) Create a new document, 400x400 pixels). Reset your colours to the default settings (D), and use the Clouds Filter (Filter -> Render -> Clouds). Next, use the Radial Blur feature (Filter -> Blur -> Radial Blur). Put the settings as Zoom, 40, and Best.


2.) Next, do Bas Relief (Filter -> Sketch -> Bas Relief). Use the settings, Detail 7, Smoothness 15, Light : Top


Your image should be now looking something similar to this


3.) The next step is to duplicate the layer (Layer -> Duplicate Layer). Name this Layer 'Layer 2'. Now, reselect Layer 1. On Layer 1, use the Chrome tool (Filter -> Sketch -> Chrome) with settings Detail 0, Smoothness 10.


4.) Now, select the duplicate layer, and change the blending mode to Exclusion.


5.) Re-select Layer 1, and go to Image -> Adjustments -> Hue/Saturation.

Click the 'colorize' box in the bottom right hand corner of the Hue/Saturation window. Put the settings as follows, Hue : 211, Saturation : 28, Lightness : +10


6.) In order to make the next step easier, I strongly recommend zooming out to 50%. This is done by selecting the Zoom tool (Z), then zoom out by holding Alt and clicking on the image, or right-clicking then selecting 'Zoom out'.

In order to zoom out to 50%, do the step mentioned above twice.

7.) Now, press Ctrl+T (Transform). Right-Click and select 'Perspective'. Click, hold and drag the bottom-left marker out as far to the left as you can.


8.) Press 'Enter'. You are now finished :)


thanks to Phoenix_AO

Heres mine.....

no chnage, same steps


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