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Windows 7 ultimate


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Hello !

November 22 / 2020 right now.

i am currently using windows 10 and i want to switch to windows 7.

i want to know if windows 7 ultimate comes with the internet driver.

in the past i did this once and the internet didn't work because it didnt have any internet drivers.

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10 hours ago, Jan Krohn said:

That depends on your hardware. Drivers for some network adapters are included with Win 7. To be on the safe side, I'd recommend downloading the driver from the manufacturer website before you wipe your computer.

Ok so i have a clean original windows 7 iso and i don't know if it has a internet driver in it, i did some research and found out that i can insert a driver myself into the iso file, any ideas?

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What do you mean by Internet Driver, are you talking about your Ethernet or your WiFi driver?

To find the latest compatible driver you need to know the hardware id, you can find this in the device manager.

There are tools you can use to mount your Windows install media and integrate drivers.


BTW I do not recommend you switch from Windows 10 to 7, this is very risk as Windows 7 will no longer receive any updates and this will leave you vulnerable.

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