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Opera 89.0.4447.51 x32 & x64 Silent


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The Opera 89 update has been released to the stable channel. It brings a redesigned account pop-up panel.


Opera 89 introduces a redesigned account pop-up panel
This is what the Opera sync panel looked like prior to this update.

opera sync old ui

The new version looks cleaner and contains some options that you may find useful. The first option acts as a sign-in button. Once you have signed in to your account, the icon switches to reflect your profile picture and ID. Click on it to access and manage your Opera account. The pop-up modal also has a sign-out button. The account pop-up panel displays the current status of the synchronization, i.e., whether your data has been synced to the cloud. Clicking on the icon takes you to the browser’s Sync settings page. Likewise, the Pinboards button acts as a shortcut to quickly open your pinboard collections page.

Opera has managed to throw in an ad for its VPN Pro service into the Sync panel. It appears even if you don’t have the VPN option toggled in the browser. Clicking on it takes you to the official site with more information about the subscription plans for the premium service. Not everyone is goind to be a fan of this, and fortunately there is a way to remove the Opera VPN Pro shortcut. Refer to the bottom section of this article to learn how to do this.

sers can access the Opera Shopping Corner from the pop-up panel in Opera 89. The service, which debuted in the previous version, Opera 88, is currently available for users located in 4 countries: in Germany, Poland, the United States and the United Kingdom.

The Opera 89 update is based on Chromium 103, which includes fixes for a 0-day security issue referred to in CVE-2022-2294. The latest version of the browser ships with a couple of bug fixes. The application should no longer crash while scrolling bookmarks in the bookmarks folder. The dropdown list that appears when typing in the address bar has been improved, but it’s unclear what was changed. The Opera account popup is now functional on Linux. Search suggestions should work when the VPN is enabled. Switching tabs in full screen mode no longer displays an empty page.

Don’t like the new panel? You can remove the button from the interface, which also disables the panel.

How to disable the Opera account button

1. Open the opera://flags page in your browser.

2. Use the search bar on the page to find the flag for Opera Account Popup.


3. Click on the drop-down menu next to it, and change the value of the setting to Disabled.

Download: XDNHV.gif?x36652

Opera 89.0.4447.51   x32 & x64 Silent

Silent installation



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73.0.3856.344 – 2021-01-14 blog post

  • CHR-8265 Update chromium on desktop-stable-87-3856 to 87.0.4280.141
  • DNA-90625 [Mac] Crash at opera::TabView::GetPaintData(opera::TabState) const
  • DNA-90735 Crash at opera::BrowserSidebarModel::GetItemVisible(opera::BrowserSidebarItem const*) const
  • DNA-90780 Crash at extensions::CommandService::GetExtensionActionCommand(std::__1::basic_string const&, extensions::ActionInfo::Type, extensions::CommandService::QueryType, extensions::Command*, bool*)
  • DNA-90821 Crash at opera::BrowserSidebarController::Action(opera::BrowserSidebarItem const*, opera::BrowserSidebarItemContentView*)
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78.0.4093.112 – 2021-08-03 blog post

  • DNA-94466 Implement sorting Pinboards in overview
  • DNA-94582 Add access to APIs for showing pinboard icon in sidebar
  • DNA-94603 Suspicious pinboards events
  • DNA-94625 Disable opr.pinboardPrivate.getThumbnail() for local files
  • DNA-94640 Promote O78 to stable
  • DNA-94661 Missing translations for some languages

78.0.4093.103 – 2021-07-29 blog post

  • CHR-8509 Update chromium on desktop-stable-92-4093 to 92.0.4515.107
  • DNA-93103 History search box eats characters
  • DNA-93884 Opera 78 translations
  • DNA-93969 Sidebar Extensions ‘+’ icon button is not clickable
  • DNA-94219 Conference popup steals focus after opening a new tab
  • DNA-94259 Player doesn’t pause music when joining Google Meet
  • DNA-94310 Crash at extensions::TabHelper::WebContentsDestroyed()
  • DNA-94375 Enable buildsign script to use both “Opera Software” and “Opera Norway” certificate
  • DNA-94382 Network Installer can’t install package signed with Opera Norway
  • DNA-94510 Sidebar messengers get smaller every time they’re opened
  • DNA-94511 [Mac] Conference popup steals focus after opening a new tab
  • DNA-94515 Change ordering of tab context menu
  • DNA-94561 Crash at base::internal::PartitionFree(base::allocator::AllocatorDispatch const*, void*, void*)
  • DNA-94619 Add missing bn translations and add attributes to non translatable strings

78.0.4093.79 – 2021-07-22 blog post

  • DNA-94291 Video conference popout doesnt remember its size after resizing
  • DNA-94419 opera: protocol visible in address field on Pinboards page
  • DNA-94462 Low quality of default wallpaper on windows
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82.0.4227.23 – 2021-12-02 blog post

  • DNA-95632 With new au-logic UUID is set with delay and may be not set for pb-builds (when closing fast)
  • DNA-96349 Laggy tooltip animation
  • DNA-96483 [Snap][Linux] Video not working / wrong ffmpeg snap version for Opera 82
  • DNA-96493 Create ‘small’ enticement in credit card autofill
  • DNA-96533 Opera 82 translations
  • DNA-96535 Make the URL configurable
  • DNA-96553 Add switch to whitelist test pages
  • DNA-96557 Links not opened from panel
  • DNA-96558 AdBlock bloks some trackers inside the panel
  • DNA-96568 [Player] Tidal in sidebar Player opens wrong site when logging in
  • DNA-96593 Promote O82 to stable
  • DNA-96659 Siteprefs not applied after network service crash
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84.0.4316.14 – 2022-02-16 blog post

  • CHR-8753 Update chromium on desktop-stable-98-4316 to 98.0.4758.82
  • DNA-97112 [Mac] Crash when changing workspace in base::MessagePumpNSApplication::DoRun(base::MessagePump::Delegate*)
  • DNA-97177 Battery saver – the icon looks bad for DPI!=100%
  • DNA-97614 automatic video pop-out for most popular websites broadcasting Winter Olympic Games 2022
  • DNA-97804 Promote O84 to stable

84.0.4316.9 – 2022-02-10 blog post

  • CHR-8745 Update chromium on desktop-stable-98-4316 to 98.0.4758.74
  • DNA-97457 [Win] Crash after second click on Settings button in video popout
  • DNA-97468 Incorrect number of restored tabs when video-popout is detached
  • DNA-97477 Default category displayed in Babe mode
  • DNA-97505 Suggestion is not highlighted on second mouseover
  • DNA-97549 Port from chromium fix for ui::(anonymous namespace)::OzonePlatformX11::InitializeUI(ui::OzonePlatform::InitParams const&) crash
  • DNA-97609 Failing MetricsReporterTest.TimeSpent* smoketests

84.0.4316.0 – 2022-02-03 blog post

  • DNA-97291 Crash at opera::flow::FlowSessionImpl::RegisterDevice(base::OnceCallback)
  • DNA-97402 [Win][Automatic video pop-out] Shortcut blocked
  • DNA-97432 Suggestion is not removed after single click on “X” button. Two clicks are needed.
  • DNA-97476 Add retry to stapling during signing
  • DNA-97512 Promote O84 to beta

84.0.4316.0 – 2022-01-31 blog post

  • CHR-7494 [Adblocker] Allow retrieving url filter from render frame
  • DNA-96286 Video popout settings menu is visible when controls are hidden
  • DNA-96297 [Mac] Crash on activating tab with active video conference when another tab is being shared
  • DNA-96336 [Mac] Translate new network installer slogan
  • DNA-97064 Content filter should not defer requests when it’s disabled
  • DNA-97070 Opera 83 translations
  • DNA-97113 DCHECK at suggestion_model_base.cc(223)
  • DNA-97197 Captured text selection snapshot does not deselect text
  • DNA-97252 Replace BABE with address bar dropdown with top sites
  • DNA-97283 Crash at views::Widget::GetThemeProvider() const
  • DNA-97309 Actually remove the hint manager and all its dependents
  • DNA-97312 Incorrect result of some floating-point operations in dropdown’s calculator
  • DNA-97316 Remove python 2 compatibility code from desktop
  • DNA-97326 Do not remove Pinboards when user clears browsing data
  • DNA-97334 uiTrackerPrivate fetches bad bounds when maximizing/restoring
  • DNA-97342 Separate BABE and dropdown suggestions
  • DNA-97343 Add recently closed suggestions into BABE suggestion consumer
  • DNA-97351 Sort address bar suggestions in a centralized way WP3
  • DNA-97376 Add crop button to toolbar
  • DNA-97377 Show crop rectangle / commit / cancel when clicking Crop button
  • DNA-97378 Allow moving and resizing of the crop rectangle
  • DNA-97381 Allow converting to specific unit / currency
  • DNA-97382 Scroll tab strip to show tabs opened in background when possible
  • DNA-97391 Decouple opera_components/input from opera_components/workspaces
  • DNA-97407 Enable new-session-manager feature flag on dev
  • DNA-97420 Incorrect icon for default conversion
  • DNA-97423 [Toolkit] Support maps and sets in props
  • DNA-97437 [MAC] DCHECK during startup
  • DNA-97448 Reopened last closed tab is not restored after restart
  • DNA-97450 Battery level emulation does not work with opr.powerSavePrivate
  • DNA-97459 Up&Down navigation order incorrect
  • DNA-97462 Battery level emulation does not work with opr.powerSavePrivate.getBatteryStatus
  • DNA-97463 opera_components/side_profiles/DEPS does not parse
  • DNA-97464 Wrong behavior in Workspaces when activate ‘Reopen Last closed Tab’

84.0.4309.0 – 2022-01-24 blog post

  • CHR-8727 Update chromium on master to 98.0.4758.10
  • DNA-96241 Align with navigation block feature
  • DNA-96898 Use pre-fetched Widevine CDM for testing on Linux
  • DNA-96918 Use pre-fetched Widevine CDM for testing on Mac ARM
  • DNA-96956 [Mac] Cleanup MacViews patch
  • DNA-96977 Add support for Web Manifest Icon
  • DNA-97077 Remove unused IDS from product_free_strings.grd
  • DNA-97122 Sort address bar suggestions in a centralized way WP1
  • DNA-97178 White border on copy/search popup
  • DNA-97196 Add “Copy to highlight” to context menu
  • DNA-97208 Remove enabling run at startup on first run
  • DNA-97228 [Mac] Sound indicator incorrectly displayed on a pinned tab
  • DNA-97234 Fix pylint issues in desktop/common/python/tests WP4
  • DNA-97236 [Mac] Focus not correctly set after making Opera active
  • DNA-97239 Incorrect filename for snaps taken on dataURI sites
  • DNA-97243 “Switch to tab” shown on each line
  • DNA-97251 Pinboards popup is empty when opened for the first time
  • DNA-97253 Make top sites icons more usable and more independent
  • DNA-97258 Turn on #paste-protection everywhere
  • DNA-97269 Address field text always changed to current suggestion on focus
  • DNA-97274 [Adblock] Sitekey expection doesn’t work after page loading at the first time
  • DNA-97276 Enable #static-tab-audio-indicator on all streams
  • DNA-97282 Missing dependency in update_check_handler on opera/opera_components/lights/buildflags
  • DNA-97283 Crash at views::Widget::GetThemeProvider() const
  • DNA-97284 Fix sync_testserver.py
  • DNA-97294 Remove python 2 compatibility code from opauto
  • DNA-97301 Fix AmazonExtensionShouldMoveToToolbarWhenFeatureIsDisabled
  • DNA-97304 Allow rich hint access to uiTrackerPrivate
  • DNA-97305 Set ID on power save button view, thus making it visible to uiTrackerPrivate
  • DNA-97306 Fix resources_generator.py
  • DNA-97308 Handle cell-var-from-loop in opauto tests
  • DNA-97313 Crash when removing suggestion with X button in dropdown
  • DNA-97328 Sort address bar suggestions in a centralized way WP2
  • DNA-97330 Handle new ‘Email’ category in Disconnect list
  • DNA-97335 Crash on debug check in unit converter suggestion provider
  • DNA-97348 Remove SessionTests.testSessionRestoreAfterViewSource opauto
  • DNA-97349 Fix AdvancedSearchSession.testSearchInTabsSavedInSessionContent opauto
  • DNA-97359 Opera APIs mixed with Chromium ones in desktop/common/extensions/_api_features.json

84.0.4302.0 – 2022-01-17 blog post

  • CHR-2543 Implementation of MP3 and H.264 support
  • DNA-96721 DCHECK on changing permissions in site settings
  • DNA-97034 Implement calculator
  • DNA-97065 [MAC] Failed to load resources on headless mode
  • DNA-97098 Fix pylint issues in desktop/windows/
  • DNA-97101 “Switch to tab” button not shown in dropdown
  • DNA-97106 Remove new-autoupdate-logic AB test from ab_tests.json
  • DNA-97107 Fix FullScreen.testAfterRestart
  • DNA-97108 All workspaces have ‘new items’ dot after session restore
  • DNA-97114 [Mac] Bookmark and pinboard popups won’t hide on second click
  • DNA-97128 Sitekey unblock mechanism doesn’t unblock .png correctly
  • DNA-97131 Enable automatic-video-popout on all streams from O84 on
  • DNA-97145 Favicon of suggested page is not always shown
  • DNA-97151 Show unit conversion as first (default) option
  • DNA-97153 Use correct icon for unit conversion
  • DNA-97156 Fix performance issues when hovering entries
  • DNA-97159 Implement snapshot from text selection
  • DNA-97160 Add feature flag for snapshot from text selection
  • DNA-97184 Use real icons for unit, currency and timezone conversion
  • DNA-97190 Fix more issues in desktop/tools
  • DNA-97197 Captured text selection snapshot does not deselect text
  • DNA-97199 Do not change address field icon when conversion is selected
  • DNA-97218 [MAC] Linking warnings when compiling mac-official
  • DNA-97229 Text in address field does not change on keyboard up&down
  • DNA-97244 Crash at opera::EquationSuggestionProvider::RequestSuggestions(opera::SuggestionInput const&, bool, base::RepeatingCallback)
  • DNA-97245 Memory leak in equation_suggestion_provider_unittest.cc
  • DNA-97255 There should be 2 conversions shown when ‘ft’ is typed
  • DNA-97256 Typing $ instead of ‘usd’ shows calculator icon
  • DNA-97257 Crash at views::ImageButton::SetMinimumImageSize(gfx::Size const&)

84.0.4295.0 – 2022-01-10 blog post

  • CHR-8700 Update chromium on master to 98.0.4750.0
  • DNA-92082 Remove deprecated backward compat measures
  • DNA-95642 Timeouts in workspaces_reordering
  • DNA-95920 Address bar dropdown stays open after typing text and pressing Esc
  • DNA-96040 Add delete button to deletable suggestions in address bar suggestions in webUI
  • DNA-96151 Add support to open suggestion in a new tab|window
  • DNA-96407 [Mac] Snap window is shown in full screen when in full screen mode
  • DNA-96680 Wrong order of highlighted suggestion when using down|up arrow key
  • DNA-96684 Safe Browsing mentioned in opera://settings/privacy
  • DNA-96696 Crash at extensions::Extension::is_platform_app()
  • DNA-96701 Adding bookmarks to Bookmarks bar have different logic
  • DNA-96805 [Mac] Running out of available command IDs
  • DNA-96834 [Video Conferencing Pop Out] Pop out window no longer transparent, when changing tabs
  • DNA-96933 Add the UI tracker API
  • DNA-96967 Increase font weight of the provider label
  • DNA-96968 Fix alignment of the ‘Advanced’ button in Settings
  • DNA-96969 Round corners of suggestions
  • DNA-96974 [Mac]Crash at views::internal::MenuRunnerImplCocoa::RunMenuAt(views::Widget*, views::MenuButtonController*, gfx::Rect const&, views::MenuAnchorPosition, int, gfx::NativeView)
  • DNA-96981 Fix pylint issues in desktop/packaging/
  • DNA-96983 Refactor assertExtensionResults in desktop/common/python/utils/extension.py
  • DNA-96993 Create unittests for tab strip layout
  • DNA-97000 [Mac] Unexpected red frame around bookmarks bar item menu
  • DNA-97007 Crash at static void chrome::ToggleSidebarPanel(const class Browser*, const opera::BrowserSidebarItemIds::Id& const)
  • DNA-97008 Continuous builds error after DNA-96805
  • DNA-97015 Remove fast-tab-tooltip
  • DNA-97016 Remove reader-mode
  • DNA-97017 Remove snap-meme-generator
  • DNA-97027 Incorrect tab size after tab close
  • DNA-97031 [Windows] Crash on clicking o-menu
  • DNA-97032 Fix opauto tests that depend on tab loading after session restore
  • DNA-97033 Implement unit conversion like in search/copy popup
  • DNA-97043 Crash at _tailMerge_mfplat.dll
  • DNA-97046 Fix pylint issues in desktop/ scripts
  • DNA-97069 DCHECK at web_remote_frame_impl.cc:166
  • DNA-97076 “Preload pages for faster browsing and searching” mentions Chrome instead of Opera
  • DNA-97081 Tab title is not visible on hover
  • DNA-97109 Snapshot doesn’t snap anything on certain sites

84.0.4284.0 – 2022-01-03 blog post

  • CHR-2879 Bookmarks sync using Chromium sync protocol.
  • DNA-92133 [Mac] The opened folder is disappeared after pressing the right CMD button
  • DNA-95449 Headless Opera
  • DNA-96258 Bottom corners of the tooltip with tabs are not rounded
  • DNA-96517 Change look of text-only entries to match address bar dropdown
  • DNA-96637 Remove VPN references from NI in Russia and China
  • DNA-96730 Create unit tests for WebUI address bar dropdown
  • DNA-96780 Crash at ui::NativeTheme::RemoveObserver(ui::NativeThemeObserver*)
  • DNA-96805 [Mac] Running out of available command IDs
  • DNA-96814 Scrollable tab strip position does not persist between browser restarts
  • DNA-96844 New tab is too narrow when tab strip is scrollable
  • DNA-96861 Create Loomi Options menu
  • DNA-96863 Update sandboxing of Media Foundation decoders
  • DNA-96866 Get rid of Opera specific IDs from OperaNativeTheme::GetSystemColorDeprecated()
  • DNA-96893 Cache apple-touch-icon for top site suggestions
  • DNA-96896 Fetch remote features data as early as possible in installer
  • DNA-96902 Remove redundant Widevine-related test code on Mac
  • DNA-96925 Missing dependency on //chromeos/components/chromebox_for_meetings/buildflags
  • DNA-96931 Assertion failure in feature_list.cc at start of every test from content_browsertests
  • DNA-96934 Crash at opera::ThemePalette::GetColor(int)
  • DNA-96939 Crash at opera::ExternalVideoService::MarkAsManuallyClosed()
  • DNA-96945 Enable a new AU for all channels (the next try)
  • DNA-96951 Tab close animation broken
  • DNA-96958 Categories sections are doubled
  • DNA-96960 Fix SessionRestoreTests.testSessionRestoreAfterPhishWarning
  • DNA-96963 Global exception rules do not work with paths
  • DNA-96990 DCHECK when starting Opera
  • DNA-96991 Tab X button doesn’t work correctly
  • DNA-96994 Enable FirstWebContentsProfiler on Windows

84.0.4274.0 – 2021-12-20 blog post

  • DNA-95642 Timeouts in workspaces_reordering
  • DNA-95908 Interstitial/internal pages shown as NOT SECURE after visiting http site
  • DNA-96498 Learn more link should go somewhere
  • DNA-96516 Display apple-touch-icon for Top Sites
  • DNA-96723 Loomi configure shortcuts leads to nowhere
  • DNA-96725 Enable paste protection on Developer stream
  • DNA-96730 Create unit tests for WebUI address bar dropdown
  • DNA-96735 Blurred icons in address bar WebUI dropdown
  • DNA-96767 Add PUA state to avro stat schema
  • DNA-96780 Crash at ui::NativeTheme::RemoveObserver(ui::NativeThemeObserver*)
  • DNA-96789 [Mac] No information about crash on non-foreground tabs
  • DNA-96793 Extend WidevineCdmUpdater to Media Foundation CDM
  • DNA-96802 Fix pylint issues in desktop/browser/ui/views/theme
  • DNA-96806 Align with Rich hints
  • DNA-96817 Remove launcher.exe*.old files after update
  • DNA-96819 Remove BrowserWindow::CloseAllTransientPopups
  • DNA-96822 Tab close resize behavior change
  • DNA-96839 False positives when detecting RegExp rules
  • DNA-96841 start-maximized switch is not working
  • DNA-96842 Empty workspace is not fixed after session restore
  • DNA-96850 Element type ignored in content script
  • DNA-96851 Subdocument test fails
  • DNA-96859 [AcceptableAds] Global ElemHide&Document filters not loaded
  • DNA-96865 Replace quick fix with a proper solution
  • DNA-96871 Fix pylint issues in desktop/build/
  • DNA-96873 Enable #vpn-selective-bypass-for-search by default on developer
  • DNA-96891 DCHECK when entering text in address field
  • DNA-96894 Presubmit checks should be run using Python3
  • DNA-96903 “— shown instead of “-” on opera://flags
  • DNA-96904 Support Win11 snap layout popup
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84.0.4316.31 – 2022-03-03 blog post

  • CHR-8772 Update chromium on desktop-stable-98-4316 to 98.0.4758.109
  • DNA-97573 [Win][Lin]”Close tab” button is not displayed on tabs playing media when many tabs are open
  • DNA-97729 cancelling the process uploading custom Wallpaper crashes the browser
  • DNA-97871 Google meet tab’s icons don’t fit on pinned tab
  • DNA-97872 Tab is being unpinned when video conferencing button is clicked
  • DNA-98039 Dark theme top sites have black background
  • DNA-98117 Clicking current tab information should hide tooltip
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Changes in Opera 86.0 Build 4363.50:

  • DNA-68493 Opera doesn’t close address field drop-down when dragging text from the address field
  • DNA-99003 Crash at views::Widget::GetNativeView() const
  • DNA-99133 BrowserSidebarWithProxyAuthTest.PreloadWithWebModalDialog fails
  • DNA-99230 Switching search engine with shortcut stopped working after DNA-99178
  • DNA-99317 Make history match appear on top

Changes in Opera 86.0 Build 4363.32:

  • DNA-98510 Blank icon in sidebar setup
  • DNA-98525 Unable to drag tab to far right
  • DNA-98893 Sound indicator is too precise in Google Meet
  • DNA-98909 [Mac Net Installer] Legal documents links don’t work
  • DNA-98919 Shopping corner internal API access update
  • DNA-98924 Tab tooltip gets stuck on screen
  • DNA-98981 Enable easy-files-multiupload on developer stream
  • DNA-98998 [Mac] Installer crash : Terminating app due to uncaught exception ‘NSRangeException
  • DNA-99041 Move Shopping Corner to sidebar entry
  • DNA-99061 Enable #address-bar-dropdown-categories on all streams
  • DNA-99062 Create flag to show top sites and recently closed in unfiltered suggestions
  • DNA-99064 Hard to drag & drop current URL to a specific folder on bookmarks bar when unfiltered dropdown is displayed
  • DNA-99070 Make scroll button in Continue On scroll multiple items
  • DNA-99089 Shopping corner tab is not preserved after restart
  • DNA-99115 Request updating the Avro schema for sidebar event
  • DNA-99117 Make sure shopping corner is enabled by default
  • DNA-99129 [Mac] Crash in Network Installer
  • DNA-99178 Left/right not working in address bar dropdown
  • DNA-99204 Hide Shopping Corner by default

Changes in Opera 86.0 Build 4363.23:

  • CHR-8843 Update chromium on desktop-stable-100-4363 to 100.0.4896.127
  • DNA-98236 Turn on #snap-text-selection on all streams
  • DNA-98507 DCHECK at address_bar_controller.cc(547)
  • DNA-98528 Suggestions for internal pages disappear when typing their full name
  • DNA-98538 Change name of “Opera Crypto Wallet” to “Crypto Wallet”
  • DNA-98540 Booking.com used instead of custom search engine
  • DNA-98587 Favicon of booking suggestion in the city category is unexpectedly changing
  • DNA-98605 City suggestions should show URL in address field when selected
  • DNA-98608 #address-bar-dropdown-categories expired
  • DNA-98616 Add recent searches to ‘old’ BABE
  • DNA-98668 Switch to tab button leads to wrong tab
  • DNA-98673 Improve suggestion removal handling in suggestion providers
  • DNA-98681 Remove unused suggestion consumers
  • DNA-98684 Have a dedicated SuggestionList for the new address bar dropdown
  • DNA-98685 Enable #native-crypto-wallet on developer
  • DNA-98688 “Disable this feature” mini-menu settings is non-intuitive
  • DNA-98690 Autocompleted text stayed in address field after removing suggestion
  • DNA-98738 Inline autocomplete suggestion for SD disappears after typing 3rd letter of SD name
  • DNA-98743 Blank dropdown after pressing space key
  • DNA-98783 Improve showing suggestions with long URLs or page titles
  • DNA-98785 “Switch to tab” button not shown for suggestions with www subdomain when typing domain text
  • DNA-98879 “Disable suggestions before typing” mini-menu option should change to “Enable suggestions before typing” when being selected
  • DNA-98917 Translations for O86
  • DNA-98975 Turn on #snap-crop-tool on all channels
  • DNA-98980 Enable #native-crypto-wallet on all streams
  • DNA-98992 [WIN] Better diagnostics for signature verification errors in installer
  • DNA-99005 The sidebar item is not visible for already active crypto wallet users when #native-crypto-wallet flag is enabled.
  • DNA-99007 Crash at TemplateURLRef::ParseIfNecessary(SearchTermsData const&) const
  • DNA-99047 Promote O86 to stable
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87.0.4390.25 – 2022-05-17 blog post

  • CHR-8870 Update chromium on desktop-stable-101-4390 to 101.0.4951.64
  • DNA-99209 Enable #easy-files-multiupload on all streams
  • DNA-99325 Use a preference to set number of recent searches and recently closed in unfiltered dropdown
  • DNA-99353 Translations for O87
  • DNA-99365 Adding title to the first category duplicates categories titles in the dropdown
  • DNA-99385 Feedback button in filtered dropdown can overlap with other web buttons for highlighted suggestion
  • DNA-99391 Add bookmarks at the bottom of a bookmarks bar folder
  • DNA-99491 Suggestion is not immediately removed form recent searches view in dropdown.
  • DNA-99501 Promote O87 to stable
  • DNA-99504 “Switch to tab” button is not aligned to the right for some categories in dropdown

87.0.4390.21 – 2022-05-11 blog post

  • CHR-8864 Update chromium on desktop-stable-101-4390 to 101.0.4951.54
  • DNA-99021 Crash in sidebar when extension of sidebar item was uninstalled
  • DNA-99271 Remove local time from address bar dropdown city information
  • DNA-99359 Crash at opera::ContinueShoppingExpiredProductRemoverImpl::RemoveExpiredProducts()
  • DNA-99427 AccuWeather should be spelled with capital W ‘AccuWeather’

87.0.4390.17 – 2022-05-05 blog post

  • CHR-8854 Update chromium on desktop-stable-101-4390 to 101.0.4951.41
  • DNA-68493 Opera doesn’t close address field drop-down when dragging text from the address field
  • DNA-98402 Opera crashes when tries to show login form in collapsed sidebar
  • DNA-99003 Crash at views::Widget::GetNativeView() const
  • DNA-99064 Hard to drag & drop current URL to a specific folder on bookmarks bar when unfiltered dropdown is displayed
  • DNA-99129 [Mac] Crash in Network Installer
  • DNA-99133 BrowserSidebarWithProxyAuthTest.PreloadWithWebModalDialog fails
  • DNA-99178 Left/right not working in address bar dropdown
  • DNA-99189 [Mac] Textfield shortcuts hijacked by the browser
  • DNA-99230 Switching search engine with shortcut stopped working after DNA-99178
  • DNA-99317 Make history match appear on top
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Changes in Opera 88.0.4412.20 Beta Edition:

  • DNA-99478 Top Sites don’t always has big icon
  • DNA-99646 [Linux] FFmpeg codec stops working
  • DNA-99692 Disable tab strip scrolling on Windows 7

Changes in Opera 88.0.4412.18 Beta Edition:

  • CHR-8891 Update chromium on desktop-stable-102-4412 to 102.0.5005.61
  • DNA-98487 Cannot remove wallpaper installed from Opera Addons
  • DNA-99328 Dark Theme not working when opening private mode
  • DNA-99338 Opera MenuBar’s height is increased on Macbook using external display.
  • DNA-99504 “Switch to tab” button is not aligned to the right for some categories in dropdown
  • DNA-99593 Report sad tab displayed counts per kind
  • DNA-99603 Change search in tabs strings in PL
  • DNA-99628 Personalized Speed Dial context menu issue fix
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Changes in Opera 88.0 Build 4412.53:

  • DNA-99108 [Lin] Options on video pop out not possible to change
  • DNA-99832 On automatic video popout, close button should not stop video
  • DNA-99833 Allow turning on and off of each ‘BABE’ section from gear icon
  • DNA-99852 Default browser in Mac installer
  • DNA-99993 Crashes in AudioFileReaderTest, FFmpegAACBitstreamConverterTest
  • DNA-100045 iFrame Exception not unblocked with Acceptable Ads
  • DNA-100291 Update snapcraft uploading/releasing in scripts to use craft store
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Changes in Opera 89.0 Build 4447.48:

  • CHR-8940 Update chromium on desktop-stable-103-4447 to 103.0.5060.114
  • DNA-100247 Make it possible to display hint when tab scrolling gets triggered
  • DNA-100482 Shopping corner icon availability
  • DNA-100575 Add unique IDs to all web element in opera account popup
  • DNA-100625 Opera account popup appears too high on Linux
  • DNA-100627 Enable #snap-from-panel on all stream
  • DNA-100636 DCHECK at suggestion_item.cc(484)
  • DNA-100685 Fix crash when attaching to tab strip scroll buttons
  • DNA-100693 Enable Sticky Site sidebar item to have notification bubble
  • DNA-100698 [AdBlock] Unhandled Disconnect list category: “emailaggressive”
  • DNA-100716 Misstype Settings “Enhanced address bar”
  • DNA-100732 Fix & escaping in translated strings
  • DNA-100759 Crash when loading personal news in private window

Changes in Opera 89.0 Build 4447.38:

  • DNA-100283 Translations for O89

Changes in Opera 89.0 Build 4447.37:

  • CHR-8929 Update chromium on desktop-stable-103-4447 to 103.0.5060.66
  • DNA-99780 Crash at zmq::zmq_abort(char const*)
  • DNA-100377 New opera account popup doesn’t open on Linux
  • DNA-100589 Crash at base::internal::Invoker<T>::RunOnce(base::internal::BindStateBase*, scoped_refptr<T>&&)
  • DNA-100607 Sync “Sign in” button doesn’t work with Opera Account popup
  • DNA-100645 Cherry-pick CVE-2022-2294 onto stabilization branches
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