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Creating your own Windows assembly


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Hello. My name is Max. I am 15 years old. I want to make my build of Windows 10 ultralight. I want to remove all components, functions and services completely. For this, I need to know which Windows components belong to which services and functions. I need your help. Tell me what services can be removed without harm to the Windows system.

I took the official image of windows 10 ltsc. I searched in different sources on YouTube, Google, vk. But I could not find more detailed information.
Programs through which I will customize the Windows 10 ltsc image: WinToolkit, NTLite, Dism ++.
If there are still other programs, tell me which ones. Let's customize the image through them.

Interface: make a minimalistic Windows system. Delete the sections in the settings completely: phone, search, games and the line find the parameter. In the Privacy section, delete everything except the microphone and camera. Under Time and language, remove voice recognition. In the Accessibility section, delete everything except display, cursor size and mouse pointer, keyboard, mouse. In the Accounts section, delete everything except your data and login options. In the Update and security section, remove everything except the Windows update center and activation. At the same time, in activation, I need to make an endless activation of Windows. In the device section, remove the printer and scanner, autorun. In the Network and Internet section, delete everything except the state and ethernet. In the Applications section, remove offline maps and video playback. In the System section, delete notifications and actions, focus, power and sleep mode, general capabilities, remote desktop, clipboard. In the Personalization section, remove all background photos from Windows, the lock screen, all themes, leave only Ru and En in the fonts.

Registry: delete all service files that lie like dummy in the system after deletion. Fully customize for maximum performance of the entire PC. Clear the registry from all rubbish.

Group Policy Editor: delete all service files that lie like dummy in the system after deletion. Fully customize for maximum performance of the entire PC.

Services and components must be completely removed. Most services have been removed in windows 10 ltsc. But I also want to remove functions, services and components for better performance.

1 Biometrics;
2 Telemetry;
4 OneDrive;
5 Search and Cortana;
6 Windows defender;
7 Archiving and restoring;
8 Data transfer tool;
9 reference;
10 IME;
11 Wallpaper;
12 Internet Explorer;
13 Themes;
14 SmartScreen;
15 Metro and Store;
16 AppServerClient;
17 LockApp;
18 Subsystem for Linux;
19 Windows Hello;
20 Input Method;
21 migwiz;
22 Quick Assist;
23 NetFx4-WCF;
24 NetFx3-WCF;
25 Hyper-V;
26 Virtualization RemoteFX;
27 Virtualization Based Security;
28 BitLocker;
29 WinSAT;
30 Foundation;
31 Storage Service;
32 MultiPoint;
33 OCR;
34 PeerDist;
35 Printing-XPSServices;
36 Holographic;
37 upfc.exe;
38 IIS-Web Server;
39 Data Center Bridging;
40 ADAM;
41 UtilityVM;
42 Windows PowerShell;
43 Terminal Services;
44 Remote Compression API;
45 PAW;
46 Hg Client;
47 Microsoft ECApp;
48 PrintToPDF and Fax;
49 WMP Network Sharing Service;
50 Content Delivery Manager;
51 WinRE.wim;
52 Error logging service;
53 Compatibility Assistant;
54 Contact information service;
55 Geolocation service;
56 Wallet service;
57 Alljoyn Router Service;
58 Delivery optimization;
59 File History Service;
60 Parental control;
61 Remote registry;
62 Win OneCore Containers;
63 MS Windows COM MSMQ;
64 SecureStartup;
65 MS FilePicker;
66 Containers Server;
67 Microsoft Windows SimpleTCP;
68 Search in Explorer and Windows;
69 Microsoft Win Remote Assistance;
70 Management Secure Assessment;
71 MS Edge;
72 PeopleExperienceHost;
73 Korome language layouts Ru and En;
74 Client AssignedAccess;
75 MS Windows CallingShellApp;
76 AAD Broker;
77 FCI Client;
78 Waas Scheduler Tasks;
79 Containers ApplicationGuard;
80 Windows AppManagement;
81 MS PPIProjection;
82 Win ProjFS;
83 OfflineFiles;
84 SMS;
85 SysMain;
86 Geographical position;
87 System and Diagnostic Service;
88 Storing user information and access to their data;
89 Compatibility of programs;
90 Remote control of Windows;
91 Contact details;
92 Telephone;
93 Server;
94 Xbox
Thus, all of the above must be disabled and removed completely. There are other services as well. When we make the image, I will see which ones still need to be removed.

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8 hours ago, mooms said:

Вы, вероятно, закончите с неработающей ОС, но эй, это то, как вы научитесь, и теперь у вас есть виртуальные машины, так что это очень легко попробовать.

Therefore, I turned to you for help, so that you could help me and tell me which services can be removed and which cannot, so that OC works. I don't know OC well. I'm not afraid to experiment with OC. I can throw off the photo which checkboxes I put in the WinToolkit program and you tell me what other checkboxes to put looking at my text.

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