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[HELP] How to connect laptop with PC?


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Hi all,

At the beging you will say Why don't you just try google for that? Sure i had tried it but it don't work so i post here in this forum

I have a PC based on Windows xp and laptop (DELL Latitude D610) and wanna to establish a network between them so that i can transfer my data between my computers.

i get a USB 2.0 cable and try:

In any folder click Tools-> Map Network Drive... -> Then select Z: drive and write "\\My_Computer_Name" but it didin't work

Also i have a serial Cable so i think on try doing direct connection between to computers using method here

but it still didn't work !

btw, in my laptop there are many COMs in the device manager but i have only one in hardware !!

the names of COMs i have

COM1,COM6, COM7, COM10, COM11, COM12, COM13, COM14, COM20 and COM21.

i tried COM1

I think that this is a stupid but i try to connect a Telephone cable between two modems in my computer and sure it didin't work !

So, What shall i do now ?!!

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The phone cord method will not work, the Com port with a null modem cable should work, but it will be very slow, only about 115kbps (which is less than that of the average MP3 file bitrate) and the USB cable one I would be bloody careful with, you could damage your USB ports. Putting a voltage together like that is never a good idea.

You should actually invest in a network Crossover cable for the two systems (Provided both computers have internal NIC). If they do, you can get one on average for around 20 bucks.

You can then basically create a peer to peer network between the two systems. Doing this will be fast and quite efficient.

Another option, is to use a wireless network. But in that case, you would need a WiFi card in both systems and a router (or Ad-Hock which doesn't require a router) but that option is far more expensive than the Crossover cable. I have a crossover cable on my desk hooked into my desktop computer and when I want to transfer large files between my laptop and desktop, I use this cable. I can get 100Mbps, which is more than fast enough for transferring the files I do.

Anyway, hope this helps!

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