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Need a Freelancer RE to Unpack Enigma v5.x/6.x Protected .exe


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Hello Members I need a Freelancer who work in RE field to unpack this Enigma V5.x,6.x .exe file

about his Merger.exe its a normal plugin to make image look like 3d

its Shows in PiD: Damage:Damage:Damage...Continue
Screen Shot link: https://anonfiles.com/naZeu137ub/sshot-1_png
But i think it Written in Dot net By the way...
I try it on Exeinfo Pe : [ Enigma new ver.5.x - 6.x ] -  EP signature (EB08) with Packer ID via "TAGG" - Unknown Packer-Protector , 6 sections

its a Basic .Net file with protection its not require any installation just raguler 2008+ C++ Visual basic require to Run this Exe.

Software name "Merger.exe" file and his Old HWID key name are already in Zip file Download LINK

In Desperation: 

its only grabs images & Match its Related symbols and make a 3D Model

Software interface Photo: https://anonfiles.com/V2t2B524u0/500151400136_173950_jpg

its only have 2 files .dll and Exe.

If any Freelancer who know Reverse Engineering Please Message me on Telegram @IndianLORD

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