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Expired Cookies Cleaner


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Your computer is filled with cookies placed there by Web sites you visit. In many instances, those cookies serve a purpose, for example, automatically logging you in to Web sites, or letting you customize the way the site works. So deleting all your cookies can make it more inconvenient for you when you surf the Web.

Often, cookies have a timeout date. After that date, they simply won't work. However, they'll still be on your PC, clogging things up. This simple little freebie finds those expired cookies, then deletes them. That's all it does --- it's nice, for a change, to see a program that does something so simply and so well.

License Type: Free

Date Added: Aug 2007

Operating Systems: Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows Me, Windows XP, Windows Vista

File Size: 26KB

Author: http://www.astatix.com/" target="_blank">Astatix Software


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I only use firefox and I have it set to clear cookies everytime I close. Will this download load do anything more?

If you delete cookies each time you close FF, then you don't need this app. Save the space and memory for something else. :read:

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