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Desktop Cube for Windows XP/Vista


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The Desktop Cube effect for Linux is extremely popular because people love eye candy, but the choices for Windows are much less interesting. The latest utility to give this effect for Windows is surprisingly fast, and works on both XP and Vista.

Of course, Keyboard Ninjas prefer keyboard shortcuts to snazzy desktops, but that's not the point is it?

Here's the screen in action, which is surprisingly fast on my Vista PC.


The system icon in the tray conveniently gives you access to everything, and even tells you what the keyboard shortcuts are.


The options page gives you a lot of options, and I'd recommend enabling the misspelled "Blendding" option, because it makes the effect look a lot nicer on a faster machine.


Here's the coolest part, the Screen Manager, where you can move windows around between screens by just dragging and dropping.


You'll need to make sure that your system has drivers that support OpenGL.



Download Portable:


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I have and own a program called DeskSpace made by Otaku Software. It functions quite nicely and was originally created by Chris Salmon, the Author of Yod'm 3D...

It has quite a few improvements over the Beta versions which I got to try out. Recommended for anyone who would like to use another desktop for other applications or purposes.

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great little program , works really fast caompared to others 3d desktops.

do u know if is possible add plugings like desktop wall , desktop plane , etc using windows xp pro ?

here are the videos so ull see them in action :




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