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So Where's Everybody From?


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So where's everybody from, so I'll know which language to cuss at you in? I don't know how to cuss in any of the languages peculiar to Himalaya, so you guys will need to learn English.

I'm from San Diego, California. Well, I've lived here since I was 8 years old. I was born in Gloucester, Massachusetts, just down the street from the famous Fisherman's Monument...(the statue at the end of the movie, Captain's Courageous).

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Far Far away from you guys. Over the big pond...To be precise, I live in Staro Cice, a small place located about 25 kilometers from the capital of Croatia. It's a peaceful place with less than a 1000 natives.

P.S. Bold, choose your country from your profile so you can have a shiny flag of USA in the left pane :icon_rolleyes:

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